Sale Alert: Murale (Canada) Big Beauty Exchange

Murale Big Beauty Exchange November 2015

For those lucky enough to have access to a Murale (by Shoppers Drug Mart) location, they are running an in-store only event this weekend.

Redeem your Optimum Points for the following amounts:

  • Redeem 36,000 Points for up to $70
  • Redeem 50,000 Points for up to $105
  • Redeem 95,000 Points for up to $210
  • Redeem 134,000 Points for up to $300

This is a better deal than Shoppers Drug Mart’s event this Saturday, if you were only planning on redeeming for cosmetics and fragrance.

I’m just disappointed they’re not offering this online, since does exist as an online shopping option.

Also, get 25,000 Optimum Points when you spend $125+ at

These events run from November 26โ€“28, 2015.

Happy shopping!

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