New Release: Skinfood — Snoopy Collection (Winter 2015)

Collection: Skinfood 2015 Winter, Snoopy

Korean beauty brand Skinfood has released a limited edition Snoopy collection! Just in time for the Peanuts movie, too.

The entire collection consists of some skincare, hand care, foundation, lip oil, and of course, nail polish and nail decals.

Unfortunately, the polishes don’t seem to have any names: just numbers. There appear to be three cream shades and two confetti glitter shades.

Skinfood Snoopy 2015 Collection Nail Polish
Skinfood Snoopy Collection Nail Polish & Nail Decals, 2015:
Image: Cosmetic Love

The 8 mL polishes are USD$4.82 and the dry decal nail stickers are USD$4.32, both at Cosmetic Love (referral link).

Happy shopping!

18 thoughts on “New Release: Skinfood — Snoopy Collection (Winter 2015)

  1. These look amazing, especially the decals, I’d love the have Snoopy nails. I’ll have to see if I can find somewhere that sells them in the UK or ships here. I might end up with some of the other things too though I probably already have similar nail polish colours because they just look so cute!

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