Tag Tuesday! 10 Christmas Beauty Questions

I saw this tag over at Fierce Paint, a Malaysian beauty blogger, and loved his thoughtful answers!

Here’s my version of this festive tag:

1. Have you been naughty or nice this year with your skincare routine?
Definitely nice, if only because I’ve been so bad about it in the past! I have a terrible habit of neglecting my skincare, but since I’ve been blogging regularly since spring, I’ve been perhaps “shamed” into doing a better job. I still need to get more sleep and keep myself better hydrated, but hey, I’m also doing a better job of removing my makeup and using sunscreen!

Cocoon Apothecary Rosehip Oil
Cocoon Apothecary Rosehip Oil

2. What’s the go-to beauty, makeup or skincare product you would gift to your family and friends?
I don’t think there’s any one thing; the people I give cosmetics to are all kind of into different things (eye makeup vs fragrance vs lipstick vs skincare). I love giving lipstick and perfume, though, mostly because I enjoy buying those things! I’d love to give nail polish more, but I think I’m the only nutjob I know.

3. Do you mind gifting high-end products or rather drug store products to others?
Both. Some drugstore products are fabulous (or can’t be found by those living in other countries), and also high-end products are fun to get for others because they might not necessarily buy them for themselves. That’s what gifts are for, right? Stuff people would never spend money on but you just know they’d love!

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio, Nude
Drugstore: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio, Nude. Image: well.ca
tarte All Eye Need Skinny SmolderEYES Set
High-End: tarte All Eye Need Skinny SmolderEYES Set. Image: sephora.com

4. What are the beauty products you’re hoping to get to see under your Christmas tree this year?
DH and I get gift budgets that we spend ourselves, so I have already gotten myself stuff I wanted! I’ll do a joint Christmas/Birthday Haul Pt 2 soon (Part I is here). Let’s say there’s a lot of nail polish and eyeshadow!

5. What is the beauty product that you’re dreading to receive for Christmas this year?
Nothing, really. I always appreciate a gift, especially a beauty-related one! (Unless it seems really thoughtless.) Not a beauty product but I don’t like a crappy fruitcake! I like a rum-soaked Caribbean black fruit cake, though.

Caribbean black fruit cake
Caribbean black fruit cake. Image: bestbitesrestaurant.com

6. Are you are beauty blogger participating in Blogmas this year? If so what is the post you’re most proud of so far?
I am not!

7. Do you remember the first beauty product you received as a Christmas present? What was it and did you enjoy it?
Hmm, it might have been from my dad, of all people! He likes getting people books, and one year in high school (I think? Possibly university) he got me Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin. I still love that book! It also astonishes the guys I show it to. 😉

Shalom Harlow in Kevyn Aucoin's Making Faces
Shalom Harlow in Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces. Image: kevynaucoin.com

8. What mini size product would you recommend as a great stocking stuffer?
I love mini skincare, since they always seem to last longer than I expect them to. I’ve been liking some mini Caudalie and Josie Maran stuff, lately.

Josie Maran mini skincare
Image: sephora.com

9. Would you rather you friends and family ask you gifts you wanted to receive or have them surprise you?
I generally prefer to get what I already have on my wishlist, but surprises can be fun, too.

10. What is your favourite way to show Christmas spirit through your look or outfit?
Festive nail polish!

Lancôme Holiday 2015 nail polish
Lancôme Holiday 2015 nail polishes
in Rouge Midnight and Gold Leaf Effect Top Coat.
Image: lancome.ca

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday week!


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