Misslyn Nail Polish in Aye Aye Captain, swatch

Misslyn — Aye Aye Captain (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Brand: Misslyn

Misslyn is a German brand—originally Italian—that has been carried by Canadian drugstore chain Shoppers Drug Mart since early 2014, and while it was on my list of products to try, I wasn’t swayed due to the slightly cheap-looking packaging (reminiscent of Rimmel, to me), somewhat boring color selection, and the Essie-level pricing (about $9.99 regular, and sometimes they go on sale for $1-2 off).

Misslyn Nail Polish in Aye Aye Captain, bottle

Finally, a few weeks ago, I saw that SDM was clearing out some shades of various products, from Essie and Sally Hansen to store brand Quo and, yes, Misslyn! A slate blue kind of caught my eye, so I picked it up for about $5.99.

Aye Aye Captain (588) is a dark denim blue with a slate undertone and very fine silver shimmer that gives it a glossy pearl finish.

I see it as more of a denim blue than a nautical blue.

rolls of indigo denim fabric
Rolls of indigo denim fabric. Image: lifestyleetc.co.uk

I learned the origin of the word denim a couple of years ago when we visited Nîmes, France: denim is supposedly derived from a fabric called serge de Nîmes (and jeans derives from the French for Genoa, Genes). There is some debate about whether the original serge de Nîmes (literally “fabric of Nîmes”) is actually the denim that we know today, but that is the current explanation given by most sources.

Nîmes, France
The coolest things to see in Nîmes, France, are its ancient Roman ruins, which are in wonderful condition. Image: e-mmop.net

The polish’s application is surprisingly nice! The formula is thick and well-pigmented, though it’s not quite a one-coat wonder. Two coats apply nicely and cover perfectly. The finish is all right: glossy but I’d still want a glossier top coat over it.

Misslyn Nail Polish in Aye Aye Captain, swatch

The brush is small but quite dense and rounded: it holds a lot of polish.

Misslyn Nail Polish in Aye Aye Captain, brush

Overall, I still think this brand is overpriced (at least in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart). If I was spending $9.99 on a polish, I’d rather have an Essie, which is sold at SDM for between $7.99 and $11.99, depending on whether it’s on sale.

Misslyn Nail Polish retails for CA$9.99 and contains 0.3 fl oz / 10 mL. The packaging does not say where it was made, nor can I find an ingredient list online. The company is cruelty-free.

Misslyn was originally founded in Italy over 30 years ago; since a successful expansion into France and Germany, the company was acquired by ARTDECO (ah, this explains why ARTDECO is also available at Shoppers Drug Mart!), a German cosmetic company, and the brand was relaunched. Misslyn is currently available in many countries worldwide. As far as I know, only the nail polish is available in Canada (and only a small selection of the full line); Misslyn actually produces a variety of cosmetic products like lipsticks and eyeshadows.

9 thoughts on “Misslyn — Aye Aye Captain (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

  1. Ooh a Misslyn polish!
    I’ve been eyeing these – some Shoppers seem to have them on clearance but some not? The bottles look TINY too. I’m still not swayed to try Misslyn yet – let’s see if they reduce the price any further. Is it just me or does Misslyn sound like a dollar store brand?
    I have HEARD that Artdeco is at Shoppers but have never laid eyes on them.

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    • I wouldn’t pay full price for these, for sure! And the color selection is so blah at SDM. YES the name sounds cheap, too! LOL. We’re so judge-y.

      The SDM website says the only Toronto locations with ARTDECO are Lower Jarvis, East York Town Centre, Dundas & Bloor, Keele & St Clair. I’ve checked out one display and it seems a little blah to me…IDK! The eyeshadows are tiny and you buy them in pans to put in the little ARTDECO palettes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have a couple of Artdeco eye shadows – and yes they’re tiny. Similar to the Mary Kay eye shadow pans. And they’re pricey too. I bought them when I was in Germany awhile back. I also bought the famed eye shadow primer (I believe they were one of the first brands to offer an eye shadow primer) – unfortunately I hated that primer! I do like the eye shadows but the colours I chose weren’t the best for me (a very red toned brown and a deep forest green – what was I thinking?) I’m going to have to check out one of the Shoppers you listed!

        Liked by 1 person

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