A Wrench In the Works: I Dropped My Camera!

You should never do things you don’t normally do!

I usually keep my blogging camera—Samsung DSLR, a gift from my camera-mad dad several years ago—in my DIY lightbox, where it’s pretty safe and nobody touches it.

I usually don’t break things, because I’m usually very aware of my immediate surroundings.

And, I should have taken the shoulder strap off the camera ages ago, since I rarely take this camera on outings.

Samsung NX1000 DSLR
Samsung NX1000 DSLR. Image: staticworld.net

But, yesterday, I inexplicably left the camera on the edge of my desk—you know, right next to where my hand goes on the keyboard. I got distracted when I heard a loud noise outside the window, and turned sharply. My leg snagged the trailing shoulder strap and the camera fell onto the hard floor, lens-first.

So, while the camera body itself seems fine, the lens is busted, and I can’t get it to focus properly anymore, let alone get good macro shots! It’s the only lens I have for this camera, too.

This is perfect timing, of course, since I’ve just started back with the swatch pics yesterday! I was all ready to show off Revlon Nail Enamel in Trendy (590) today, but now it’ll have to wait. It’s a really pretty teal cream, by the way. Two-coater. Grab it if it’s on sale.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Trendy (590)
Revlon Nail Enamel in Trendy (590), taken with the Canon Point-and-Shoot. This looks OK, but the swatch pics turned out quite badly. I need to play around more with the settings.

I did try taking shots with our handy little point-and-shoot Canon (DH got it free from work; I assume at some point we’re going to have to start actually buying our own cameras!), but I’m a bit spoiled by the DSLR now, and was unhappy with the shots.

What to do now? I can’t really complain: in the closet, I’ve had a Nikon DSLR sitting, waiting for its big chance. It was also a gift from my dad—I think my mom was getting mad at all his camera stuff lying around and made him give this one to me. I know I’m incredibly lucky to have received these cameras from Dad!

It comes with a mess of things I’m not too familiar with: differently-shaped lenses and filters and a tripod and such, and I think I got a bit overwhelmed and intimidated, so I haven’t tried using it yet. The Samsung just had the one lens and I figured out how to get my macro shots done pretty quickly! (I’m sorry to say that I’ve no patience for photography! I’ve tried reading up on it, but I get really bored, quickly. Perhaps I just need to find a well-written beginners’ book?)

Now, the Nikon’s battery is charging, and I’m going to keep messing with the point-and-shoot Canon for a bit, to see if I can get an improved macro image.

I hope I figure out the Nikon quickly, because there’s a Pentax I’ve been eyeing (in red, obviously! but I suppose black or white would show up less obviously in reflective nail polish caps, damnit)—perhaps I can grab it as an early Valentine’s Day gift from DH. Well, Valentine’s, and St. Patrick’s Day, and April Fool’s Day, and so on.

Pentax K-50 DSLR
Pentax K-50 DSLR

I’m partial to Pentax as it was the first camera I ever used for taking nail pics! (Incidentally, it was a birthday/Christmas gift from Dad, too!) If you ever look up my really old pics from around 2007, those are all taken by an old point-and-shoot Pentax Optio that I adored. I’d actually keep using it, but the camera’s macro function isn’t working too well anymore. LOL!

The other option is, I just replace the Samsung lens, maybe with one that is better for macro shots. But the lens are quite pricey, particularly with the current poor Canadian exchange rate, and it almost seems better to just get a new camera that comes with a lens. I really hope the Nikon works out!

If you’re a beauty blogger, what camera are you using for your photos?

22 thoughts on “A Wrench In the Works: I Dropped My Camera!

  1. Oh man! Sorry about the lens! I only use a Canon point & shoot and I don’t know much about cameras. I’d like to upgrade to something better (I’ve dropped my point & shoot MANY times – I think the inner workings might be a tad damaged) but not anything so fancy like DSLR. So nice to have a camera fanatic dad though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wish I knew more about cameras – it would make learning to use the Nikon a lot easier! IDK why I have such a mental block when it comes to picking up basic photography. And, I’ve literally never dropped a camera before. So annoying! But yeah, I gotta tell my dad thanks again 🙂


    • I should really read the Canon’s manual, too. It’s just that we only use it for people shots, so I have never used it to take macro shots with specific light settings. Surely there must be a way! 😀


  2. ouch! I’m sorry to hear that. wow, am I just the only one who doesn’t know how to use a point and shoot and really got bad pictures? I don’t believe you guys! Your pictures look awesome to me ( awesome for me is capturing the real life) and yet photography books bores you. ahh facepalm
    My sister got photography lessons and basing on her account, you pretty much have all the good ones. Nikon and Pentax are very profesh you know, really intimidating but once you were able to get the right ISO, you’re good. You have to play with it so you’ll know what fits you. I believe you have a good eye on angles. As of me, my iphone 6 would do the trick.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A lot of bloggers seem to use their iPhone 6 for photos! I still haven’t upgraded my phone 🙂 Maybe I should try with DH’s… hahaha. I bet the last thing he wants on his work phone is pics of my nail polish!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh no, so sorry to hear about the camera! Taking proper nail photo’s can be so tricky, you really need a nice camera for those.
    xx Anne


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