Rebecca Minkoff MAC (Morning After Clutch) in Cardinal

Haulage! Rebecca Minkoff — M.A.C. — Cardinal (2009)

I know it’s not Throwback Thursday, and technically my new bag is only about six years old and not seven as I prefer for TT, but I just wanted to share some photos of my new-to-me handbag, taken with my new-to-me camera!

Those who’ve followed my blog for a bit will know that I’m crazy for Rebecca Minkoff bags, though I’ve not been as big a fan over the last several years due to a decline in quality, a proliferation of duller “inspired by” designs, and my own dabbling into fancier brands.

I do, however, still have huge love for the old school quality and styles like the Morning After Mini satchel (MAM) and the Morning After Clutch (MAC), both of which have inexplicably been recently discontinued by the brand! I mean, I love the Mini MAC as much as the next petite RM fan does, but the MAM and MAC were great styles that helped put RM on the map in the first place. I’ve also been longing for a comeback for the short-lived Morning After Mini Mini (MAMM) style—it looks so much better in person, and worn, than it does in stock photos—and after a few years of stalking the usual pre-owned sites, I still haven’t got my hands on one.

Anyway, last week I lucked out on my search for an older, full-sized MAC in a great color: I was also fortunate that the seller is in Canada, too, so I didn’t have to pay taxes and duties!

Red is my favorite color, and yet it is a bit odd to me that I don’t have that many red bags in my collection. Perhaps it’s because I had a tendency to wear red clothes, so red bags just seemed like they were overkill. In recent years, however, I find I’ve been wearing much more neutral or even cool-toned shades, so I’m dipping my toes back into red bags!

Here’s the newest addition to my collection, a MAC in Cardinal with gold hardware, from F/W 2009, I believe:

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Crossbody Handbag, Cardinal with gold hardware, 2009

It comes with this white dustbag with the cute li’l Becky bird on the bottom corner. Sadly, RM only sends out plain white or blue dustbags nowadays (and I’ve heard that sometimes they’re even too small for the bag! WTH?!).

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Crossbody Handbag, dustbag with Becky bird, 2009

Honestly, it looks like the previous owner never used this bag! It is practically pristine. She didn’t even use the tassels, so they were brand new and I got to put them on myself. Even the gold hardware is all shiny and untouched.

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Crossbody Handbag, Cardinal with gold hardware, rear, 2009

And here’s the interior with the Becky bird lining! This is my first RM full-sized item with this adorable lining. I think it looks great with the Cardinal red, though I imagine it’s a bit clashy with some other colors RM might have released that season. My other item with this lining is a small, orange zippy pouch.

Check out the metal nameplate inside! RM just uses a bit of printed leather, now.

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Crossbody Handbag, Cardinal with gold hardware, lining with Becky bird, 2009
Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Crossbody Handbag, Cardinal with gold hardware, lining with Becky bird, 2009

I’m incredibly pleased with this eBay find, and the seller (just a regular person, not an eBay store) made the transaction super easy, too. I cannot wait to use this bag! The only thing holding me back is my current winter coat is red, so I’d feel a little overdone in red carrying this bag with it!

And, a final note in case anyone at RM is reading this: please bring back the MAC, the MAM, and the MAMM!

18 thoughts on “Haulage! Rebecca Minkoff — M.A.C. — Cardinal (2009)

  1. What an amazing score! I’m often amazed by some of the old goodies I find online (specifically LeSportsac) that are new with tags or barely used. There’s a goldmine out there!
    The bird print lining totally makes this bag for me! 🙂

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