Amour Nail Lacquer in June is Here, swatch

Amour — June is Here (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Amour 2015 Spring

Since my last six swatches have been from Essie’s Retro Revival collection (some new, some originals), I’ve decided that for the rest of this week, at least, I’ll be focusing on some brands that are either new to me or that I haven’t swatched in a very long time.

Amour falls into the first category. I’m a longtime customer of (formerly TransDesign, and I am not affiliated!), and I placed an order late last year. For the very first time, I added an Amour polish to my order! I’ve never seen the brand elsewhere, and Google seems to tell me that it’s only available at NailSupplies. Coupled with this label on the bottom of the bottle, I can only guess that Amour is NailSupplies’ in-house brand:

Amour Nail Lacquer in June is Here, label

There’s quite a large selection of shades available, and I went with one that looked a little more unique to me.

June is Here reads more like “December is Here”! It’s a pale, greyed, chalk blue cream.

I wasn’t expecting much, but for a pastel, this polish applied really well! Two coats gave me full and mostly even opacity. Application-wise, it certainly outperforms many pastels from salon brands.

For the very low price, I think this is quite a great deal, and I look forward to adding a few more Amours to my next order!

Amour Nail Lacquer in June is Here, swatch

Amour Nail Lacquer can be found at (formerly TransDesign), where it retails for US$2.75. It is 0.56 US fl oz / 16 mL. I am assuming they are a NailSupplies/TransDesign brand, as the label on my bottle says “TransDesign”.


12 thoughts on “Amour — June is Here (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

    • Thought you might like this one! I am not usually one for greys, but this one seems to wear pretty nicely.

      I totally miss ordering from those places! TD, 8ty8 and H2T! I think there was one more, maybe AveYou? But then USPS prices shot up, gah! I’m lucky enough to be able to have family bring up packages for me; otherwise I don’t think I’d bother.


  1. This is a very unique take on grey/blue polish! I’m loving it- goes perfectly with this time of the year, very winter-y. Spring needs to hurry up though: 😉

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