Misa Nail Lacquer in Gravitron, swatch

Misa — Gravitron (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Misa 2014 Summer, Riding All the Rides at the County Fair

I’m forgoing the usual Throwback Thursday post today, since basically all of last week and this Monday was filled with Throwback swatches, thanks to Essie’s Essie’s Retro Revival collection collection. In addition, I have a Throwback swatch scheduled for St. Valentine’s Day this weekend. Yes, I’m playing fast ‘n’ loose with Throwback Thursday!

Today’s polish is from Misa, one of my fave polish brands, but I’ve been remiss in reviewing them! My last Misa review (for Dirty, Sexy, Money) was from last June!

Misa can be a bit hard for me to come by in Canada. I picked up today’s polish late last year from NailSupplies.us (not affiliated). It’s from Misa’s 2014 Summer collection, full of gorgeous, clean brights that are right down my alley.

All the polishes in the collection are named for amusement park rides! I’m actually not the biggest fan of rides: big rollercoasters scare me, I’ve gotten neck pain from a particularly fast caterpillar, I’ve become ill on a giant swing boat ride, and my only memory of Disneyland as a little kid was my dad insisting we go into the haunted house, and I was scared pants-less! So they’re really just not for a chicken like myself. I’ll stick with the Ferris Wheel and cotton candy, thanks! Om nom nom.

fivezero in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tivoli Gardens at Night (2013)
Not a great pic, but this photo is from our 2013 trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. This is a nighttime shot of Tivoli Gardens, which opened in 1843 and is the world’s second oldest amusement park (the world’s oldest is also in Denmark). Unfortunately, we never got to visit during the day, but it was so lovely at night!

Gravitron, named for this ride, is a fresh, grassy green cream with a slight yellow undertone.

Normally, Misa is one of my very favorite formulas, but Gravitron fell a bit short of my expectations. While two coats was vaguely passable, I still preferred three coats for fully even coverage. Application was smooth and easy, but the pigmentation wasn’t quite as strong as I’d have liked, and the formula felt a little thin. I’m used to Misas being a bit thicker. I might like Gravitron better after it evaporates a bit, ha!

It’s still a fabulous green—one of my favorite shades of it, in fact!—but I’m not sure I’d recommend it due to the formula.

Misa Nail Lacquer in Gravitron, swatch

Misa Nail Lacquer is 0.5 fl oz / 15 mL and retails for US$7.50. It is free of toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and dibutyl phtalate (DBP). Misa Cosmetics is cruelty-free and vegan. The products are all final-assembled in the USA.

Misa Cosmetics was started as, and remains, a family-owned business. It is headquartered in Folcroft, PA, USA.


3 thoughts on “Misa — Gravitron (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

  1. I’m sorry, hells no on this! I’m not a green nail polish person (surprising, I know!) but this registers too yellow to me. I prefer kelly green types of greens.
    But, I’m a huge roller coaster fan! I’ll try anything once. But some of them jostle me a bit and I usually end up with a headache. 😋
    Tivoli is such a fun place! We visited twice when we were in Copenhagen – our hotel was across the street. They had the best churros with soft-serve ice cream!


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