Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green, swatch

Throwback Tuesday! Barry M — Mint Green (Nail Paint) Swatch & Review

Brand: Barry M

Barry M is one of those fun drugstore brands that I’ve been fortunate enough to try, just so I can bemoan the fact that they’re not available in North America, where I live.

The range of colors is fun, the price is tough to beat, and I’m always a bit envious when I see British beauty bloggers showing off their Barry Ms!

I only have two Barry M Nail Paints: one from my first trip to England and another from a swap with a (if I recall correctly) Scottish MUAer.

fivezero in London, England at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, 2007
We visited the beautiful Kew Gardens on my first trip to London in 2007.
We lucked out with a nice, sunny day! I still need to watch
David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants, which was shot there.

Today’s swatch is Mint Green (304), which I picked up at a Boots pharmacy along with a Bourjois nail polish (this was before Bourjois became available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada). Mint Green is as you’d imagine: a fresh, minty green cream that just veers into pastel territory.

This polish also counts as a Throwback Thursday, since it’s from at least 2007. It’s also no longer available on the official site, so I assume it’s discontinued. Guess I should have saved it for this Thursday. Oops! Well, Tuesday starts with a T, too.

For a pastel, this cream polish applies really smoothly. However, the formula is actually a bit thin so I needed three coats, and even then, I feel like it could use one more. Why is it the old polishes I want to thicken up, never do? Oh well. It’s still a great-looking shade of green, in my opinion, and it dries to a nice, glossy shine. The squared bottles are also totally adorable and I love that they stack together so well (if only I had more than two of them, eh?)

I just wish Barry Ms were more easily available here in Canada. I’d love to try more shades, particularly some non-pastels, which generally have better formulas. The official website does ship internationally, including to Canada, but I can’t imagine the shipping cost—and potential duties—will make it worthwhile.

Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green, swatch

Barry M Nail Paint contains 10 mL and retails for GBP£$2.99. It is free of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phtalate (DBP). The company is cruelty-free, and many products are vegan, such as the Nail Paints. Barry M products are made in England.

In 1982, Barry Mero found that there was an unmet demand for unusual cosmetic colors—like black nail polish and white eyeliner—so he started Barry M Cosmetics in London, England. The company remains privately-owned and based in London. Mero recently passed away in 2014.

5 thoughts on “Throwback Tuesday! Barry M — Mint Green (Nail Paint) Swatch & Review

  1. Yes I wish this brand was available here! I bought a couple of the Gelly Nail Effects polishes and I really like them, I wish I’d gotten more. This shade is really pretty, even if the formula is a little thin – I could make this work!


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