Zoya Professional Lacquer in Christinna, swatch

Zoya — Christinna (Professional Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Zoya 2014 Fall/Winter (?), Divas

I don’t know exactly when Zoya’s Divas collection was released, but it was definitely before 2005, since the earliest dated Zoya collection I have is Spring 2005’s Sirens, where the Zoya codes start with ZP290. The Divas collection included numbers ZP284–ZP289, so I’m guessing Divas was released just before this, in Fall/Winter 2004.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is Christinna (ZP287), described by Zoya as a “light, delicate shimmering white with a touch of gray and frosty silver shimmer”.

The Divas collection contained polishes named for music divas, except all the names appeared to be deliberately spelled in alternate ways: Areetha, Beyonnce, Christinna, Jessika, MarryJ, and Norra. I’m not 100% sure who Jessika and Norra are supposed to be—based on the collection’s release date, I’m thinking Jessica Simpson and Norah Jones?—but I’m not the most musically knowledgeable person! Christinna was presumably for Christina Aguilera, I guess. (Aretha Franklin, Beyoncé, and Mary J. Blige are, of course, the obvious names.)

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Pandora, swatch
“The Craziest Grammy Awards Outfits” featuring Christina Aguilera in 2004. Well, at least she doesn’t spell her name with a double-n.
Image: celebuzz.com

Anyway, the only reason I bought the polish was that it’s the closest Zoya has to my actual name. Dumb, right? But hey, I don’t have many white polishes, and this is actually one that I don’t mind. It is pearly with a touch of grey to keep it from looking too stark and correction fluid-y.

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Christinna

Two coats applied quite nicely, and you could technically get away with one coat if you just wanted a sheer look. I did two coats for the swatch and got a nearly opaque, pearly finish.

Christinna is discontinued, but I did see it pop up recently at Winners.

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Christinna, swatch
Zoya Professional Lacquer in Christinna, label

Zoya Professional Lacquer retails for US$9 and is 0.5 US fl oz / 15 mL. Zoya nail polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor, and are made in the USA.

Zoya is part of Art of Beauty, a privately held company based in Cleveland, OH, USA.

5 thoughts on “Zoya — Christinna (Professional Lacquer) Swatch & Review

  1. Yes I’m thinking Norra is Norah Jones, she was pretty big back then with “Come Away with me” (2002). That’s hilarious they slightly changed each of the names, haha!
    And oh I’d totally get a polish if it was my name, no matter the shade! I do really like this one though, reminds me a bit of Essie Cabana Boy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • If they did a newer version of this collection, would there be an Adelle? Tailor? Lady Gagga?!

      Cabana Boy has a stronger grey tone, but the look/finish is very similar!


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