Haulage Week! Zoya

This week, I’ll be posting about some little hauls I’ve made recently, rather than swatches and reviews. Here’s the haulage post schedule for this week:

  • Monday: Essie, Illamasqua, Smashbox, W7
  • Tuesday: Zoya
  • Wednesday: Perfume (Ellen Tracy, Jennifer Lopez)
  • Throwback Thursday: MAC
  • Friday: Essence, L’Orรฉal, OPI

Today’s Zoya haul was also all purchased at Winners (the Canadian TJ Maxx)! Every now and then, a load of Zoyas will show up at Winners and Marshalls here, and this time I was even happier because they were CA$4.99 instead of CA$6.99!

Zoya’s one of my favorite nail polish brands, and so I came home with seven shades. I believe many are discontinued, which is probably why they’re at Winners, in the first place.

The seven shades I got were Garbo, Gwin, Kaufda, Kierra, Michelle, Richelle, and Tiffany. The selection included mostly oranges (you know I love ’em!) and pinks, though I did also see Christinna (cool white pearl) and Midori (one of my fave greens). There were a few nude shades, too, which I passed on.

Winners haulage March 2016, Zoya Professional Lacquers in Gwin, Tiffany, Kaufda, Richelle

Winners haulage March 2016, Zoya Professional Lacquers in Kierra, Garbo, Michelle

For some strange reason, I’m pretty good at remembering which Zoyas I already own, so I didn’t end up buying dupes like I did with Essie. Maybe the names are just easier to remember?

5 thoughts on “Haulage Week! Zoya

  1. Oh man, you’ve been having the best luck finding Zoyas at Winners! I’ve seen a few but in gross colours. Zoya Tiffany looks gorgeous! You’re really channeling Autumn with these shades!

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