Haulage Week (& Throwback Thursday)! MAC

This week, I’ll be posting about some little hauls I’ve made recently, rather than swatches and reviews. Here’s the haulage post schedule for this week:

  • Monday: Essie, Illamasqua, Smashbox, W7
  • Tuesday: Zoya
  • Wednesday: Perfume (Ellen Tracy, Jennifer Lopez)
  • Throwback Thursday: MAC
  • Friday: Essence, L’Oréal, OPI

Last week, MAC decided to drop their prices on Pro Palette Eye Shadow refill pans (they used to be CA$12, and now they’re CA$8), so I picked up four that had been on my wishlist for some time.

Pardon some of the slightly out-of-focus photos; I should be getting my new camera lens soon!

I got Soft Brown, Nocturnelle, Concrete, and Bamboo, another Large Duo Pro Palette, and an Eyeshadow x15 Insert, as well as a free sample of Pro Eye Makeup Remover (6 mL):

MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow Refill Pans in Soft Brown, Nocturnelle, Concrete, Bamboo

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover sample 6 mL

I’ve already given the Pro Eye Makeup Remover a try with my usual waterproof mascara, and let’s just say it won’t be unseating Lancôme Bi-Facil anytime soon. I’ll use it up, though.

My Large Duo Pro Palette came with a slight crack, which kind of ticked me off, but I’m not going to bother with MAC Canada’s online returns (you can’t exchange or return in physical stores). I, quite stupidly, already threw out the box and return label. It’s a $10 palette; I’ll live. Maybe I’ll try to reinforce it with some superglue. The crack is all along one short side of the palette, but it doesn’t appear to affect the palette’s structural integrity.

The plastic used in the new Pro Palettes seems more prone to cracking than that used in the old palettes, but that might just be me.

MAC Pro Palette comparison new duo vs old

Overall, I like the new palettes a lot, even the Duos, though I do wish the pan holes would have little notches so you can easily move the pans around without having to twist the palette to pop out the insert—all the while hoping that nothing cracks! I get around this problem by attaching a little clear tape to each pan, and I let it stick out like a tab. I guess a magnet would work, too, but I kind of like my tabs. (My favorite palettes ever were the adorable metal Stila cases that had pinholes on the back so you could poke out each pan with a paper clip.) I also wish the new palettes were thinner and would have rounded corners like the old ones. No likey sharpy-pointy!

Here are my new eyeshadow pans popped in with tabs (plus a couple I bought last year that I hadn’t opened until now). The shades are: Blanc Type, Bamboo, Soft Brown, Patina, Concrete, and Nocturnelle. I doubt I’ll leave them in this order; I’ll likely mix and match with the other shadows I have in Pro Palettes!

MAC Pro Palette Duo with Eye Shadow x15 Insert

And, since today is Throwback Thursday, I’m adding a bonus pic of a MAC holiday (I think) palette from 2001 that I purchased from The Bay. It’s actually a really good selection of shades, but I clearly rotate my eyeshadows too much and I haven’t come close to hitting pan on any of these colors.

  • 3 x Blush: Honour, Cubic, Harmony
  • 1 x Bronzing Powder: Bronze
  • 4 x Eyeshadow: Brule, Mulch, Sketch, Nehru

MAC 2001 Palette with Blush, Bronzing Powder, Eyeshadow

Do you have any favorite MAC eyeshadows? I’d love some recs, since I’ll eventually need to fill up my new palette insert, and that new lower price makes it so tempting!


5 thoughts on “Haulage Week (& Throwback Thursday)! MAC

  1. Yeah yeah yeah! I also got Bamboo – after I’d heard it’s being discontinued!
    Oh man, sucks about the crack on the palette – and what terrible policy that you can’t return online orders in brick & mortar stores. Boo MAC, it’s 2016!
    I like your tape tab hack – although, I rare move stuff around in my large format palettes – they tend to stay in whatever spot I plop them in forever. 😛
    Oooh Nocturnelle – that shade was on my wish list for ages and then I learned MAC discontinued it. 😦
    oh my gosh, a MAC palette from 2001! 😮 I bet the quality was superb on those back then! What a great little palette you have there!
    SATIN TAUPE! All That Glitters, Wedge, Vex, Twinks, Copperplate, Grain, Charcoal Brown, Mystery, Sumptuous Olive, Woodwinked…
    Here’s my top 10 MAC shadows post:

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    • Yay love your recs! Of those for some reason I don’t have Wedge, Charcoal Brown, and Sumptuous Olive. (I THINK I have Vex, but I feel like I lost an old 4-pan when moving a couple yrs ago, and I refuse to repurchase Vex, Club, Cranberry and Trax until I find it or decide it’s lost for good!)

      You can still get Nocturnelle, now! It’s on the site….

      Thanks for your link – of course I love the LE and d/c ones in Romp and Style Snob :p

      I bought Grain a year or two ago, and it’s great – but for some reason my pan is mislabeled as Omega. :O

      I also love love love Copperplate, Mystery (which I think is being d/c) and Woodwinked!

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      • Oooh really, I can still get Nocturnelle? Yay!
        Grain is my favourite brow bone highlight from MAC.
        Yup I bought Bamboo and Mystery refills after hearing they were being discontinued. Also, I heard MAC will be phasing out all Matte2 formulas. So I might have to go grab Brown Script and Handwritten – both on my wish list! I’m toying with getting another Copperplate. Ugh, maybe not, no more back ups (I need to keep reminding myself of that!) And yay, tomorrow is April so I can start on my new monthly budget. 😉


  2. I love the purple shade and I got a mono eyeshadow palette in the shade velvet purple and I absolutely love to use while I’m doing my purple smokey eye look. Also, I love the pigmentation and the long lasting colour too.


  3. Damn, just rushed to the MAC website online to see if the price of pan refills had dropped here and nope 😦 They’re £10 each (roughly 20CAD!) so unfair the disparity between countries, my only other recommendation to what others have recommended is deep truth, a lovely deep navy if you wear a spot of colour every now and again!


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