Etude House Play Nail in Sining Beautiful Deer [sic] (282), swatch

Etude House — Sining Beautiful Deer (Play Nail) Swatch & Review

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday in North America, so Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Whether you’ve got kids, are expecting, or have fur/feather/scale babies you love, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! I’m lucky enough to be in all three groups this year—having a toddler, a baby due in a couple months, and a tank of tropical fish—and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more “mom-like”, haha!

Of course, I want to wish specially my own mom the happiest of Mother’s Days. I hope Dad takes you out for a nice Korean dinner! (They’re not Korean; they just like to eat a lot of Korean food. Mmmm, bibimbap. And I could probably eat kimchee every day if I had easier access to it.)

I would like to share one mom-related tidbit: my 2-yr old has finally learned his colors! As someone who blogs about nail polish colors all week, this makes me so pleased! He’s known his ABCs and 123s (and myriad vehicle names, because that’s all he’s interested in) for probably six months, but colors would stump the heck out of him. He’d know the names of colors, but if you were to ask him what color an object was, he’d just cycle through the colors: “Blue? Red? Green? Yellow?!” Then, about a month ago, he seemed like he’d gotten the hang of them, but we couldn’t be certain if he was just memorizing the colors of his toys. Over the last week or two, however, he’s definitely figured it out, as we can point out new things to him and he will get the color right about 80% of the time. (He occasionally gets stumped with purple, calling it pink or blue first.)

So, this morning, I showed him my new bottle of (Korean!) nail polish and asked him what color it was. He announced “Red!” and beamed when I applauded. Best Mother’s Day gift.

Collection: Etude House 2014 Fall, Zoom in the Zoo

I recently picked up this Etude House nail polish on sale for about US$3 at Cosmetic Love (referral link). It’s from a 2014 fall collection called Zoom in the Zoo.

I have no idea about the color’s name! Is it meant to be “Shining Beautiful Deer”? “Singing Beautiful Deer”?! I don’t even know if it’s a name given officially by Etude House, or just one that was made up by the retailer! There is no English name given on the polish’s packaging, just the number 282, so I really have no idea as I can’t read Korean. Maybe someone who knows Korean can help out?

Etude House Play Nail in Sining Beautiful Deer, label
What does it say?!
Etude House Play Nail in Sining Beautiful Deer, bottle
Here’s the front of the bottle, just ’cause it’s cute.

So, at the moment, I have no choice but to leave the polish name as it was spelled on the retailer’s site. Sining Beautiful Deer [sic] (282) is a classic, medium-deep red cream with a touch of cranberry.

As with many red creams, the formula is nice and very smooth. No issues at all. Two coats gives full opacity, and it dries to a good shine.

Not the most exciting polish, but at least the bottle is adorable!

Etude House Play Nail in Sining Beautiful Deer, swatch


Etude House Play Nail retails for between US$2.90–3.90 and is 0.27 fl oz / 8 mL. It is made in South Korea.

Etude House was founded in 1966—their website claims that they are the first South Korean makeup brand—and is based in Seoul, South Korea. It was acquired in 2006 by Amorepacific, another South Korean company which owns Laneige and innisfree, as well as fragrance brands Annick Goutal and Lolita Lempicka.

6 thoughts on “Etude House — Sining Beautiful Deer (Play Nail) Swatch & Review

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you! 🙂
    And awww that’s super cute he’s learning colours! Cute story. 🙂 Purple is my favourite, but I can see how he’d think it’s blue.
    This polish bottle IS adorbs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! 😀 I have a feeling yellow is his favorite color: it was the first one he got the hang of, plus all his favorite vehicles are yellow (school buses, construction trucks).


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