Image: KFC Hong Kong

New Release: KFC — Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

[Image: KFC Hong Kong]

Collection: KFC 2016 Summer, Edible Nail Polish

Big thanks to Rachael at Helpless Whilst Drying for the heads up on this awesome new line of nail polish!

KFC—yes, the FRIED CHICKEN company—has released chicken-flavored nail polish in Hong Kong.

Part of me feels like they’re over a month late for April Fool’s Day, but the other part is dying to get my greasy hands on these polishes, which come in Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy.

KFC Hong Kong’s edible, chicken-flavored nail polish.

It’s a huge shame to hear, however, that the polishes “are entirely made of edible ingredients: spice blends suspended in starch, with vegetable gum added so they stick to your finger nails for a day or so, according to a spokeswoman at Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong, the advertising agency behind the polishes.

“With no preservatives, each batch – made by spice company McCormick in Singapore – must be refrigerated and lasts for only five days.”—BBC UK

What were they thinking?! Awwww. Guess I won’t be getting to try these, after all.

Whatever. I like Popeye’s better, anyway!

15 thoughts on “New Release: KFC — Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

  1. Just the thought of a flavored nail polish is kinda cool but not chicken flavor though.. Maybe orange or apple flavor perhaps sounds “good”. But I am not sure about KFC flavor.. Haha and sadly I don’t like KFC here (US) though I love the KFC back home (Philippines).. And I am with you on Popeyes chicken.. They are good! The spicy one is my fave.. (Now I’m hungry) 😍😍😫


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