New Release: Clinique — Kiss the Bride (Summer 2016)

[Image: Clinique]

I don’t normally post about non-nail polish releases, but I thought this was so pretty that I wanted to give it a quick mention!

Collection: Clinique 2016 Summer, Kiss the Bride

Clinique has released a bridal collection for Summer 2016, called Kiss the Bride, and it consists of new shades of Long Last Lipstick and a beautiful silver compact, Forevermore Compact Pressed Powder in Invisible Matte.

The Long Last Lipsticks—and Long Last Soft Matte—are some of my favorite lipsticks (I have All Heart, Berry Freeze, Merlot, Twilight Nude, and Matte Plum, amongst others) and the new shades are really gorgeous:

  • Honeymoon (Color Group: Nudes)
  • I Do! (Color Group: Violet)
  • Just Married
  • Will You? (Color Group: Pinks)

The lipsticks retail for US$17/CA$20.

The Forevermore Compact is a “sleek, luxe keepsake compact. Invisible, lightweight blotting powder instantly absorbs oil and shine, so skin stays matte and looks fresh.” It retails for US$75/CA$93. That seems a bit steep to me, but on the other hand, it does seem like the compact is refillable (you can see a little notch on the side where the pan is placed).

Clinique Forevermore Pressed Powder Compact, Summer 2016, Kiss the Bride collection

Happy shopping! (Canadians, is currently running a GWP, plus you can get 5% cashback with!)

6 thoughts on “New Release: Clinique — Kiss the Bride (Summer 2016)

    • Clinique lipstick packaging is excellent! I have always liked it 😀 I had to get some of the Butter Shines just because I loved that bamboo-style packaging.


  1. Those lipsticks! I love the packaging and the colours – I’d totally wear them ALL.
    But that compact… $93? Is it silver plated? That’s not a snark, I’m genuinely curious if it is!

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    • LMAO I was actually going to say something similar in my post, but decided not to 😛 I actually went to the website to see if it was silver-plated. It isn’t – I imagine they’d mention it if it was! $93 for silver-colored metal, holy :p

      Liked by 1 person

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