Teaser: Urban Decay — Vice Lipstick (100 Shades)

Just got this email from Urban Decay.

SpongeBob excited
Image: urbandecay.com

100 shades of lipstick in 6 finishes. $21. June 6.

SpongeBob excited

Suddenly, my last UD haul feels a little lackluster…


18 thoughts on “Teaser: Urban Decay — Vice Lipstick (100 Shades)

    • The slim tubes are nice, but I think I dig the new Vice tubes more (I prefer the bullet style). Plus they look more like the really old school UD lipsticks 😀 ❤

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        • I wasn’t going to, to resist the temptation (gah!!!) but I just did 😀 Man, I don’t know how that woman swatches so much!

          Whoa, I didn’t know 20 additional shades are Sephora-exclusive. Jeez.

          I’m going to have to check out Wonderland, Gash (aww yeah), Crisis, Ravenswood, Peyote and Disturbed.

          YEAAAAAH so many reds 🙂 That’s how I felt about the NARS Audacious line, too. (And yet, not seeing the vampy I want…)

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          • Yeah I don’t know how she physically swatches that many lipsticks. My lips would be RAW. It’s her full time job though, so I imagine it takes days! And lots and lots of makeup remover.


  1. oh yeah baby, I am so ready for this! I also prefer this style of bullet so I’m glad I waited with picking the shades I wanted. Although, so many shades – and it’ll probably be a while until they get over here. but then the black will be mine! 😀


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