L'Oréal shampoos in EverStrong Thickening, EverCrème Nourishing, EverCrème Intense Nourishing

L’Oréal — EverCrème Nourishing Shampoo Review

Over the last several years, I have mostly switched over to using only SLS/SLES-free hair products. I made this decision because I was inexplicably getting a really dry and itchy scalp, and, after trying various dandruff shampoos to no avail, finally figured out that it was the SLS/SLES ingredients that were causing it. Lo and behold, after going SLS-free in my shampoos, my scalp returned to normal and it feels better than ever!

The main reason most brands use SLS/SLES in cleaning products, like shampoo and body wash, is that it causes the product to foam up marvelously, even in hard water, and it is a cheap ingredient. Unfortunately, it’s also a drying ingredient and can cause negative skin reactions.

I am personally not one to put too much stock into “all natural” brands, as there are plenty of naturally-occurring ingredients that are terrible for you (cyanide, anyone?) and likewise, there are synthetic ingredients that work great and are harmless. But, since “green and natural” brands make up the bulk of shampoos that don’t contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate), those are the brands I tried. However, it took a lot of trial-and-error to find the products I liked best, since just because something is “all natural” doesn’t actually mean that it is going to work for you!

L’Oréal, one of the largest beauty companies in the world, finally jumped onto the SLS/SLES-free (or, sulfate-free) bandwagon with their drugstore-priced line of Ever* Sulfate-Free Moisture System haircare products—that’s EverCrème, EverCurl, EverPure, EverSleek, and EverStrong. They’re still a bit pricier than their usual drugstore counterparts, though.

L’Oréal has replaced SLS/SLES in this product line with sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSA) and disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, which are rather less irritating chemicals.

From L’Oréal:

Clean your hair while preserving natural moisture with EverCrème Intense Nourishing Shampoo. Infused with Omega-3 and 6, this formula gently cleanses and restores lost moisture by instantly wrapping each strand with triple action conditioners. Hair is left healthy-looking and manageable—without any weighdown.

  • For normal to dry hair
  • Sulfate-free
  • No harsh salts
  • Paraben-free
  • Natural botanicals
  • 100% vegan

I basically hadn’t bought a drugstore shampoo in years, but I saw L’Oréal’s Sulfate-Free Moisture System products on sale last year for CA$7.99 and thought, why not?

Now, my hair is thick in both senses of the word: I have a lot of it (or I did before post-partum hair loss!) and each strand of hair is fairly thick. Basically, I’m East Asian and have the stereotypical thick hair. It’s shoulder-length, straight, and I rarely have issues with it apart from it being a bit too stubborn. I do not color or do anything too crazy to my hair. EverCrème Nourishing Shampoo was the product I chose for my normal-to-dry hair.

I really like this shampoo. It has the consistency of a rich cream, so it feels quite luxurious even before you put it in your hair. It’s easy to use too much, so be measured when squeezing it out of the tube. It is heavily scented, like practically all L’Oréal products are: fragrance is fairly high up on the list of ingredients. The scent is pleasant enough, sort of coconut and gourmand-y.

It covers all the right bases for me: cleans well, doesn’t weigh my hair down, smooths my hair, and doesn’t irritate my scalp. It’s actually so smoothing/moisturizing that it basically works as a shampoo + conditioner for me. I don’t bother to condition at all after using this shampoo, so it’s great for quick showers.

I imagine that for people with fine hair, this shampoo would probably not work as well, and would probably weigh it down—so I can only recommend it for those with thicker hair.

I’ve picked up two other shampoos from L’Oréal’s Sulfate-Free Moisture System (as pictured above): EverCrème Intense Nourishing Shampoo and EverStrong Thickening Shampoo. I hope they’ll work out as well as the first one I tried!

L’Oréal EverCrème Nourishing Shampoo is 8.5 US fl oz / 250 mL. It retails for about US$6.99 / CA$9.99.

L’Oréal was founded in 1909 and is the largest cosmetics company in the world. It is based in Clichy (a suburb of Paris), France. Its first product was a hair dye called Auréale, which presumably led to the development of the company’s present name. The company currently owns a number of brands, including Biotherm, The Body Shop, Clarisonic, Decléor, Essie, Garnier, Kérastase, Kiehl’s, La Roche-Posay, Lancôme, Maybelline, NYX, Redken, Shu Uemura, Urban Decay, Vichy, and YSL Beauté.


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