Luxe Box (Canada) — Summer 2016

I just canceled my Luxe Box (referral link) subscription. It wasn’t a terribly hard decision to make, apart from the fact that I was sad to not be able to continue supporting a Canadian beauty box! That now makes it both Topbox and Luxe Box that I have unsubscribed from—both are operated by Topbox, the Ipsy-equivalent.

Today, I’ll show you what I got in my Summer 2016 Luxe Box, and give you the reasons I decided to discontinue this service.

Luxe Box is a seasonal box that costs $26 per quarter, though you can get a slight discount for signing up for more boxes at a time. I signed up with the semi-annual option: two boxes for $25 each. The annual option gives you four boxes for $24 each. Shipping is included, at least for the Canadian options.

You receive 7–8 items in each curated Luxe Box (I got 5 full-sized items and 2 trial-sizes this season). I did not take up the $10 “Beauty Surprise” option, even though I was pleased with what I got the one time I did.

What I Received

All prices in CA$, unless otherwise noted. Also, I didn’t receive my product card or any additional coupons with this quarter’s Luxe Box. The outer box it was packed in was unsealed, so I don’t know whether they just fell out, or if the card(s) were just never packed in the first place. This means I don’t have access to full information about all the products I received. (Incidentally, Ipsy’s website is great in that you can see all the details of all the products you’ve ever received from them, plus links to each product’s official website. Luxe Box’s website is totally useless in this regard. You can’t even see what you got this quarter, let alone your purchase history! As someone who worked in website design, I can’t bring myself to support their hopelessly useless website any longer.)

Luxe Box

  • AMIKA Perk Up Dry Shampoo with Sea Buckthorn Berry (0.75 oz / 21.3 g, sample) [MSRP US$9.00 for 1 oz, or US$24 for 5.3 oz; sample works out to ~US$6.75]
  • BAREFOOT VENUS Lip Bliss Ultra-Repairing Lip Balm in Spearmint (8 g, full size) [MSRP US$7.50]
  • HARVEY PRINCE Body Cream in Sincerely (15 mL, sample) [MSRP US$6.50, based on the 50 mL fragrance + body cream set they have on their website]
  • MIRABELLA Pearls & Pastels Eyeshadow Pigment in Refreshmint (4.7 g, 1 single-use pair of eye gels) [MSRP $25/box of 4 pairs]
  • MORGAN TAYLOR Professional Nail Lacquer in I’m the Good Witch (15 mL, full size) [MSRP US$9]
  • MORGAN TAYLOR Professional Nail Lacquer in Nautically Inclined (15 mL, full size) [MSRP US$9]
  • NOVEX Brazilian Keratin Extra Deep Hair Care Cream (3.5 oz / 100 mL, sample) [MSRP US$6.99 for 7.4 oz, or US$16.99 for 34 oz; sample works out to ~US$3.31]
  • pūr~lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream, not sure which shade but probably Medium? (10 mL, travel size) [MSRP US$10 for 10 mL, or US$32 for 40 mL]

Random Additional Items

  • Nada this quarter. Don’t know if they forgot it, if it fell out of the box, or there just aren’t any this time.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I think about each item:

Quick Rundown

AMIKA Perk Up Dry Shampoo with Sea Buckthorn Berry
(8 g, full size) [MSRP US$7.50]

Guess I can use a travel-sized dry shampoo. I’m not generally happy getting hair products from my subscription boxes, though, and it’s listed that way in my profiles. The packaging is super cute, however!

BAREFOOT VENUS Lip Bliss Ultra-Repairing Lip Balm in Spearmint
(8 g, full size) [MSRP US$7.50]

Not the most exciting brand (I’ve received another Barefoot Venus product from Luxe Box’s sister company Topbox) but who can’t use another lip balm, right?

HARVEY PRINCE Body Cream in Sincerely
(15 mL, sample) [MSRP ~US$6.50]

Harvey Prince is a fragrance brand; this is a body cream with their scent Sincerely. They also sell the Jor-el Parker fragrance line, which I’ve also received from an Ipsy bag. Snooze. Also, 15 mL for a body cream sample? I know it’s fragranced, but still—stingy!

(1.5 g, I think this is the full-size) [MSRP US$28, though it’s on sale for $10 on the website right now (strangely, there is only one color of this product there, as well)]

This is a pretty nice-looking loose wet/dry eyeshadow! I am not sure mint green is the best eyeshadow color for me, but I should give it a try this summer. It is made in Italy.

MORGAN TAYLOR Professional Nail Lacquer in I’m the Good Witch
(15 mL, full size) [MSRP ~US$9]

Gettin’ a little tired of receiving Morgan Taylor nail polish, guys. At least I keep getting colors I don’t already have.

MORGAN TAYLOR Professional Nail Lacquer in Nautically Inclined
(15 mL, full size) [MSRP ~US$9]

I suspect I was only meant to receive one Morgan Taylor nail polish this quarter, especially since I got eight items in my box instead of the usual seven. At least they’re different shades!

NOVEX Brazilian Keratin Extra Deep Hair Care Cream
(100 mL, sample) [MSRP ~US$3.31]

A brand that’s new to me! Unfortunately, it’s more hair stuff. Luckily, it is something I can use, as opposed to curl-keepers (I have straight hair) and hair dyes (I don’t color) that I also get from boxes. This is a reasonably large sample, but I guess the product is inexpensive.

pūr~lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream in Medium (?)
(10 mL, sample) [MSRP US$10]

I’ve received a pūr~lisse product once before, from Ipsy. This BB cream is made in Korea. I can always use a new foundation, so hopefully this one matches my skintone! No idea what this shade is, though, which won’t help should I actually like the product and want to purchase it.


As I stated before, I’m pretty sick of Luxe Box’s mostly useless website, especially when I use Ipsy’s far superior website every month, now. They really need to get their online act together, and I’ve been saying this from my first Topbox.

That, however, isn’t enough of a reason to unsubscribe. My full list of reasons is as follows:

  • Getting products I’m not that interested in (hair care, body lotion)
  • Getting the same brands all the time (Morgan Taylor, be Delicious by Cake)
  • Getting duplicate products (this is when used in conjunction with Topbox: be Delicious by Cake, Hask)
  • Not enough bang for the buck (CA$25–26 for a “luxe” box? I should be getting nicer stuff than a Schick razor)
  • The boxes have gotten progressively worse; I remember liking my two first Luxe Boxes much better. Recent boxes have given me duds like this Jelly Pong Pong body wash.
  • Poorly implemented website, especially compared with those of competitors

Sorry, Luxe Box. Your service needs some work. I’d love to return someday, though!

4 thoughts on “Luxe Box (Canada) — Summer 2016

  1. I did Ipsy for about a year. Thats the only sample subscription service I`ve tried. What I found most frustrating I think was that I would discover products that I really liked, but I was unable to buy them in Canada or order them anywhere that would ship to Canada. It ws too cruel. Plus after a year I had WAY too many cosmetic bags 🙂


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