Haulage! L’Oréal — Colour Riche Nail Color (Plus Pregnancy Update)

Apologies for all the mini hauls I’ve been posting this week. I’m now eight months pregnant, and frankly, the onslaught of visitors has begun and I am having a hard time keeping up!

Our peanut is doing very well—he talks non-stop, now, and narrates his entire life, all the while demanding that we acknowledge his every utterance.

Thanks to YouTube Kids, his vocabulary of vehicle-types now far surpasses mine. Just yesterday, he told me about an “air tanker”. I don’t know what that is. A plane that carries fuel? (OK, I just Googled it.) He’ll gab on all day about city buses, school buses, double decker buses, police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, mail trucks, pick-up trucks, taxis, helicopters, cola trucks (a Coca-Cola truck drives by our window at least once a day), excavators, forklifts, cranes, cement trucks, and so on. He’s two. I honestly just called all those yellow ones construction vehicles until recently. Now, I know what a skid-steer is, because he has a toy version of one. Also, there’s so much construction going on in our city that he gets to see the real thing more often than not.

Another fun thing I’ve had to deal with over the last month and a bit is gestational diabetes (GDM). Basically when you enter your last trimester, your body becomes increasingly insulin-resistant. It doesn’t affect most people too badly, but I unluckily fall into the 3–10% of pregnancies that need to actively manage it. I had it with peanut’s pregnancy, too, so this wasn’t unexpected. It is, however, slightly worse than it was the first time around, mostly due to me being two years older and ten pounds heavier, since I hadn’t yet dropped all the weight from the first pregnancy. The risk of having GDM is also higher with older mothers (35+), which is a group I fall into. If GDM isn’t controlled, and blood sugar levels are allowed to remain too high during the pregnancy, the following can happen:

  • The baby becomes too large, which can cause complications during delivery
  • The baby can suffer seizure when born due to blood sugar levels dropping
  • The baby can end up at higher risk of developing diabetes and/or becoming obese
  • The mother can develop diabetes post-pregnancy
Gestational diabetes kit
Gestational diabetes kit. Image: wikipedia.org

Luckily, both times I’ve been able to handle my GDM just by getting more exercise and observing strict diet control, which also entails having to test my blood sugar levels four times a day. (FUN. But better than taking medication/insulin!) So, this means very little sugar intake, and as few carbs as possible (apart from fiber), with six small meals spread out evenly throughout the day. Now, I am not normally one with a sweet tooth—I’m typically into savory foods—but the second and third trimesters of my pregnancies means I developed a crazy carb-y tooth. Bread! Pastries! Fruit! Awwww yeah. But no. Sigh. Seriously, I can’t even really have a banana! That spikes my blood sugar pretty easily.

So, I basically have a small bowl of Cheerios and milk in the morning, and assorted low-carb foods throughout the rest of the day: peanut butter sandwiches on whole grain bread, cheddar cheese on Ryvita crackers, cottage cheese, big salads, tomatoes, carrot sticks, tortilla chips with beans and salsa, tofu, chicken, fish, Indian food without any rice or naan (seriously, rice is the devil, yes even the brown stuff), berries as sweet treats. The worst thing is that while I would normally love to gorge myself on cheese, I don’t feel like cheese at all these days!

Just one more month, though, right?! GDM pretty much goes away right after pregnancy—it’s the placenta that is the troublemaker! I plan on going out for fancy mac ‘n’ cheese as soon as that placenta is outta there. Om nom nom. (My two faves in Toronto: Bannock’s Sunday Brunch Mac & Cheese and Trevor Kitchen & Bar’s Macaroni & Asiago Cheese. Trevor sadly closed earlier this year, so I will never get to have their mac & cheese again! Sob.)

Sunday Brunch Mac & Cheese at Bannock, Toronto (January 2016). Image: fivezero.ca
Macaroni & Asiago Cheese at now-defunct Trevor Kitchen & Bar, Toronto. (Apparently, Chantal Kreviazuk loved it, too.) Will miss their after-meal cotton candy, too. Image: canadianliving.com

And then I have to go get some banh mi. And burgers. And pastries. And more pastries. And gelato. And more gelato. Oh yeah, and sushi and pizza and dimsum and potato chips and empanadas and…hmm, I did want to lose my pregnancy weight, didn’t I?

Anyway, I can only assume that my recent small hauls have stemmed from my carb-deprivation. Here’s my latest haul of L’Oréal polishes. They were on sale a week ago, and I decided that I’d gone long enough without buying any L’Oréal Colour Riche polishes:

L'Oréal Colour Riche Nail Colour haulage

  • Tuxedo Noir
  • Jet Set to Paris
  • Navy Knit
  • Pop of Plaid
  • Paparazzi Pleaser
  • Haute Couture Red

L'Oréal Colour Riche Nail Colour haulage

  • Tweet Me (bought a couple years ago)
  • New Money
  • Not a Cloud in the Sky
  • Spice Things Up
  • Doutzen’s Nude
  • Eva’s Nude
  • Feeling Kilty

I also have The Temptress’ Touch, but didn’t include it in this photo set.

Incidentally, these bottles are pretty nice and sturdy. In store, I dropped Pop of Plaid and it bounced on the tile floor a couple of times. Still OK!

I have no idea when I’ll get around to swatching any of these. I’ll probably save the vampies for later this year, and aim to swatch a bright or two this summer.

Have you tried L’Oréal Colour Riche Nail Color? I can’t believe it took me so long to haul these!


6 thoughts on “Haulage! L’Oréal — Colour Riche Nail Color (Plus Pregnancy Update)

  1. Ahh man, you’ll be leaving those chocolate bars for a while then! At least your on the home stretch now with a month to go! Love the look of Pop of Plaid and Doutzen’s Nude from these, haven’t spied these here yet, but I’ve been avoiding drugstores and trying to be good, so maybe they have arrived!

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  2. Aww that’s the cutest to hear that Peanut talks non-stop, narrating his life! 🙂
    And what IS it about boys and vehicles? They are just obsessed! I hope your little girl (you need a nickname for her too, maybe Cupcake?)
    Yikes, GDM sounds like a ton of extra work effort! I’m glad you’re managing it well. Both for your health and the baby’s. Only 1 more month to go! 😮
    But yes, no carb would make me haul like a mofo too, I’m sure! 😛
    The L’Oreal bottles are so nice and neat for storage, just like Essies!

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  3. Thank you so much for following me! I have moved my account over, so if you don’t mind please follow me at neathabitat.com! Thank you so very much!! ❤

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  4. Wow, there was too much good looking (and yummy looking) stuff in this post! Those polishes are gorgeous – I love how they look in L’Oreal’s square bottles.

    So sorry about the gestational diabetes. But look at it this way – if you’re anything like my mother, who had it while pregnant with me, you’ll lord it over your little one until the END OF TIME! “Oh, you don’t want to eat your broccoli? Well, do you think I wanted to eat nothing BUT broccoli while you tried to destroy me from the inside out?” Repeat ad nauseum!

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