New Release: Min Design — Nail Polish Clutch

I just found out through Shoppers Drug Mart’s Glow magazine (p. 44) that Toronto-based Min Design’s 2016 S/S bag collection is a clutch that looks like a gigantic bottle of nail polish.

Does it look kind of like a butter LONDON polish? Yes. (Even the stylized type on the front is copied from butter LONDON. Hmm.) Do I really, really want such a fanciful and probably not terribly functional bag?


It retails for CA$185…I’ll be sitting here all week trying to decide whether or not to push the submit button on the Lemon version (which, for some reason, doesn’t appear on the main clutch page).

The clutch is made of acrylic and comes with a detachable chain shoulder strap.

Additional links:
Breakfast Television video spot
Post City interview
Vitamin Daily interview

Now, all Min has to do is release a line of actual nail polish in this gorgeous bottle design…

Happy shopping!

I was a bit confused at first, but I don’t think the Lego people are included!


4 thoughts on “New Release: Min Design — Nail Polish Clutch

  1. Totally just like Butter London!
    I need to understand how this fuctions as a clutch… the top comes off? So impractical, BUT for a nail polish / purse fiend such as yourself, it’s a dream combo! 😛

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