Blog Update & A New Addition to the Family

Those who follow my blog may have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA lately—posting just a couple of times a week—and I’m sorry to report that it’ll probably be like that for a while longer.

It turns out that I seem to have a shorter gestational period than others, as my two-year-old peanut was born two weeks early, and now our little olive arrived three weeks before her due date!

Now, peanut got his name because I basically lived off of peanut butter during my last trimester (not many choices when you have GDM). This time around, I also had GDM but had more tofu instead. I didn’t think soybean was a great nickname, so we’ll go with olive for our new baby girl.

Olive looks so much like peanut did when he was born! Except she’s a lot smaller, at well under 6 lbs. Seriously, she’s so freaking small! Several weeks ago, the ultrasound technicians pegged her at a bit over 6 lbs, so I was a little relieved that she didn’t end up being much heavier! She’s just long and skinny.

She also has enviable long fingers:

Clearly, she didn’t get them from me!

Mine, of course, currently look even shorter and stubbier than usual, since my hands and feet have swollen up. This 30°C weather isn’t helping, either. You’ll notice that my tips are bare, but I’ll have you know that my pedi is Dior Glory! For the record, with peanut’s delivery, I had China Glaze Electric Beat on tips (a nurse noted that it matched my hospital gown!) and Zoya Maura on toes. Last time, my lippie happened to be NYX Sierra; this time I’m afraid I can’t remember, as it was something slicked on in a hurry. Might have been Hourglass Fawn or Clinique Citrus Rose. I did have a GWP of Clinique Glazed Berry in my go-bag, which I used the next morning. Hey, this is a beauty blog—you guys wanna know these things, right?!

I’ll end this post with one anecdote: last week, when I was doing my pedi, peanut came up and pointed out my “red” nail polish. “It’s more like pink,” I told him, and he then pointed at his own feet and asked for pink toes! Unfortunately, I couldn’t comply, since he bites his toes and I don’t want him ingesting any nail polish. But there you go, my own peanut is into nail polish. Love it.

So, I will be trying to post as often as I can, though I can’t promise daily posts like I was doing before. It’s gonna be a long slog for the next few months!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy summer 2016! Mine couldn’t be getting off to a better start.


21 thoughts on “Blog Update & A New Addition to the Family

  1. Wow, congrats! ❤
    I was just thinking, she’s early isn’t she! Three weeks early… but perfect timing for Father’s Day!
    I’m shocked you have polish on your toes – Dior Glory is the perfect summery shade though. But LMAO you wore LIPSTICK in the delivery room? 😆
    Oh I knew a little boy who was really into polish on his toes – his mom would comply but with those kiddie polishes. It stopped when the dad said no more… 😛
    Welcome to the world, little Olive!

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    • Good grief, I can’t believe I forgot to respond here. :O Yes she was very early. I think I’m just a hot oven 😀 Both kids 2 & 3 wks early. Not gonna complain about having a shorter 3rd trimester.

      And hey, I had time to get ready in the morning before I left! Of course I put on lipstick. Hehehehe.


  2. Congrats to you all! What a gorgeous little girl Olive is 😍
    Lol at putting lipstick on, was it just before leaving when you were already in labor – or did it catch you o out and you were already to rock n roll!?
    Well done on doing your pedi at 8 months pregnant, I can’t be bothered to stretch and manouver myself – my friend always keeps my toes gelled for me!
    Hope you’re recovering well and Olive, and peanut – aren’t giving you long sleepless nights!

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    • Ahhhh so late with this reply!!! Well I started getting contractions at 3am, so I putzed around all night and we left for the hospital in the morning. I had time to shower, get dressed, and all that, so of course I put on lipstick! 😀

      And yes it is not easy doing a pedi in the 3rd trimester. TBH I did a bad job. But it was done! LOL!

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  3. Biggest congrats! Little Olive is so adorable! So amazing you had your nails all done and lipstick on haha, very impressive! True beauty lover right there haha!

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