New Release: Orly — Mulholland (Fall 2016)


Collection: Orly 2016 Fall, Muholland

Orly’s Fall 2016 collection, Mulholland, introduces six shades of bronzes and greys, plus a plummy shimmer and a fiery red cream thrown in for good measure:

  • Mansion Lane, grey cream.
  • Hillside Hideout, plum shimmer.
  • Cahuenga Pass, red cream.
  • Million Dollar Views, copper shimmer.
  • Meet Me at Mulholland, bronze shimmer.
  • Party in the Hills, grey glitter.

The shades are available in three formulas: Nail Lacquer, EPIX Flexible Color, and GelFX.

A mini kit in the regular Nail Lacquer is also offered, with little 0.18 fl oz bottles (full sized bottles are 0.6 oz) of Cahuenga Pass, Party in the Hills, Hillside Hideout, and Million Dollar Views.

I’m loving the shimmers, especially Meet Me at Mulholland and Million Dollar Views!


Orly Nail Lacquer retails for US$8.50 and is 0.6 US fl oz / 18 mL. Orly nail polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor, and are made in the USA.

Orly International Inc. was founded by Jeff Pink in 1975, in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Orly claims that Pink invented the “original French manicure” as a manicurist on Hollywood sets; while he might have come up with the name, and marketed it as an at-home kit in the 70s, others suggest that the style had been around since possibly the 1930s, and in France.

8 thoughts on “New Release: Orly — Mulholland (Fall 2016)

    • I never saw that movie! It’s one that’s always kind of on the to-see list, but never up high enough. I haven’t seen many David Lynch movies overall, though. Basically, just Dune, which I hated (but I love the book).

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