Sale Alert: 3 Zoya Urban Grunge Shades for $15 (Continental US Only)

Zoya is running a deal on their new collection, Urban Grunge. Use the code LUVFALL and choose any three shades from this collection for US$15, plus free shipping. This deal runs now through August 26, 2016.

Unfortunately Zoya has severely reduced the shipping deal on their sales. Firstly, this deal is only available in the continental US! Secondly, they no longer offer free shipping unless, in this particular case, you spend $35. I’m not sure if you can multiply the deal (e.g. get 9 shades for $45) but it’s worth a shot.

No more ordering from Canada for me (shipping is now US$15 and the international processing fee runs about $9 for me in Ontario). The half-price polishes aren’t tempting enough to overlook these high fees. Zoya, you make me sad!

Happy shopping, continental US-ers…sniff.

5 thoughts on “Sale Alert: 3 Zoya Urban Grunge Shades for $15 (Continental US Only)

  1. I have not touched my Zoya polish yet so I can’t really take advantage of this deal but I’m sure there will be more deals soon. 🙂 Really great deal though.

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