Valcena Multi Active Régénérative Night Cream

Valcena — Multi Active Régénérative Night Cream Review

Back in May, I bought an attractively packaged night cream at Winners that was also attractively priced at CA$12.99. I’d never heard of or seen this brand before, but it was apparently a French brand, and the product was made in Bulgaria:

Valcena Multi Active Régénérative Night Cream
Valcena Multi Active Régénérative Night Cream

I started using this cream straight away, which is a bit unusual for me as I have a habit of collecting products and not getting around to trying them for months! But the “Natural Rose Absolute” label on the package swayed me, as I am a seriously big fan of rose scents.

Valcena Multi Active Régénérative Night Cream

I had just run out of the night cream I was using at the time (Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Complete Anti-aging Night Care) and had not yet opened up one of the others I had stockpiled, so Valcena’s rose scent moved it right to the front of the queue.

To be frank, I don’t often use night creams because they are usually too heavy for my skin. I’ve tried night creams from brands like Clarins, Jamieson, Lancôme, Nuxe, and Yves Rocher, only to revert to using richer day creams at night. Night creams usually end up being no different from a day cream or too heavy for my skin (and thus I wake up with a greasy face, and worse, this is sometimes accompanied by badly clogged pores).

Not that I’m such a connoisseur of night creams, but Valcena’s is the first I’ve tried that feels more moisturizing and protective for me than a day cream, that also doesn’t end up being too rich for my dry skin.

I was pretty thrilled that a $13 cream from Winners was doing such a good job, but of course, you can never count on Winners—the Canadian TJ Maxx—to carry a product you like! When I scoured my local Winners again for more Valcena, I could only find a day cream from a different product line, for C$12.99 as well, so I snapped that up!

Eventually, I did a quick Google of Valcena but could not really find any retailers that I could use from Canada, so I did what any good blogger would do and I emailed them to inquire about their North American stockists, as well as their retail pricing since Winners isn’t too accurate with their “Compare To” MSRPs.

Valcena responded to me straight away and offered to send me some of their products for honest reviews, so I do want to disclose that in this review, even though I did purchase this particular product myself! (I will, of course, have their product samples reviewed over the next few weeks.)

The Multi Active Régénérative Night Cream‘s active ingredients are Damascena rose oil, vegetable oils (castor and olive), jojoba oil, and chamomile extract.

From Valcena:

Based on a rich formula that intensively restores skin during the night and made with exceptional activators, this cream is perfect for all skins, even the most sensitive. It revives glow and provides comfort when you awake in the morning. Skin is rested, revived and full of energy to meet the new day.

The cream is packaged in a dark red jar made of sturdy plastic. The cream itself is contained in an opaque white jar that is set inside a translucent dark red outer shell. I do prefer the feel of glass jars for higher-end skincare products, but honestly, plastic is safer since I do have a habit of dropping things on my bathroom floor. A small plastic scoop is also packaged with the cream, presumably so you don’t have to stick your fingers into the jar for hygienic reasons, but I am a finger-dipper, so I tossed that. (Actually, I’m more of a finger-patter: I just pat my clean fingertip onto the surface of the cream.) The screw-on cap is also a two-piecer made of plastic; this part of the packaging doesn’t feel as sturdy, and as nice as it looks, I think Valcena might want to redesign it to feel surer in the hand.

Valcena Multi Active Régénérative Night Cream

The main selling point for me, the rose extract, smells quite lovely. This cream is well-scented, so the very sensitive-skinned should probably stay away, but I love scented creams so this is just perfect for me! Valcena’s rose scent is a heavier rose, with a touch of lipstick about it, but it also has a watery aspect to it that reads as a dewy rose.

Valcena Multi Active Régénérative Night Cream

The cream itself is opaque white and has a light texture. It smooths onto the skin well and absorbs nicely, without leaving a heavy or greasy feel. A little goes a long way, too, so I can see this 50 mL jar lasting me longer than the equivalent amount in some other creams I’ve tried (ahem, Clarins). I haven’t had any breakout issues while using this cream, and in the morning my skin feels well-moisturized. I can’t speak to any resulting glow or skin restoration (plus, I was seven months pregnant when I first started using this cream, so my skin was probably looking especially decent then, ha!), but overall I quite like this cream and it does what I want for a night cream.

The only other caveat I will make is that I have only tested this cream over the last four months, during which the weather has been warm and humid here in Toronto. My mid-30s skin gets much drier in the winter, so I might have to update my review after using this product during the colder seasons.

I’m really glad I bought this product “blind” at Winners, and I suggest that if you come across it yourself, the CA$12.99 price is just about too good to pass up! If I see another one of these night creams, I’ll definitely have to pick up more for my stockpile. Luckily, the jar I bought doesn’t expire until 2019! It’s good for one year after being opened.


Valcena Multi Active Régénérative Night Cream comes in a 50 mL jar and can be found at one online store for about £30, though I do not know whether this is the official MSRP. The Valcena representative didn’t actually give me any pricing information. She did indicate that the company is planning on launching a Canadian online shop in September 2016, but for the time being, their products can be occasionally found at TK Maxx (in the UK), and obviously I found them at Winners in Canada.

Valcena Paris was launched in 2010. The brand’s skincare products revolve around Damascena rose essence from the Balkan valley. The company’s products are free of parabens, preservatives, and added coloring. Valcena is cruelty-free.


16 thoughts on “Valcena — Multi Active Régénérative Night Cream Review

  1. I love random skincare at Winners! I’ve been reading the labels more recently – there’s some gems to be found! And go figure, you find something you love and it’s difficult to to replace… grrr. But what amazing customer service on their part! If I see this at Winners for $13, I’ll pick it up for you!

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    • Thanks for the offer! 😀 Gotta get more eyes out there at different Winners locations, right? They really have so much stuff nowadays that I can barely get through it. Lots of Korean stuff now, too.

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  2. I’m so happy that you did this review because I’m pretty sure I saw it at my local Winners !!!😊
    I just realized that you have been blogging since 2007 !!!!😳 You were a pioneer my friend xo

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  3. I don’t use night cream myself (lazy gal here) but this product seemed very interesting especially with the Rose ingredient. I will keep my eyes peeled here maybe I will see one around. 🙂

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  4. Nice post – and good on you for seeking out further items found at Winners-type places (always that annoying chance of finding out that the company is no longer or whatever.)


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