New Release: Color Club — Game Day Duos (Fall 2016) & 20% Off Sale

Collection: Color Club, Fall 2016, Game Day Duos

Here’s Color Club‘s massive new collection of nail polish duos for the U.S. college football fans! A whopping 78 colleges are represented in this set of fully licensed color duos.

My two brothers went to U.S. colleges, but unfortunately, the one who is into sports didn’t go to a represented college (presumably because their football team is crap?) and the one whose alma mater is in the set really hates sports. Well, they also don’t wear nail polish, so I guess this whole exercise is moot.

Anyway, the new collection is called Game Day, and each college gets a two-color duo.

Each bottle is shaped like a little football helmet! (This is a little bit of a shame if you’re into some other sport at your chosen college.) The university logo is also printed on each bottle.

Color Club Game Day Duo in UCLA, Fall 2016 Collection
Color Club’s UCLA Game Day Duo.

I found that Color Club’s stock photos seem a little off, particularly the oranges, many of which look red. I was entering the shades into the Nail Polish Database (156 colors, what a pain!) and realized (thankfully) early on that some of the “reds” were actually oranges. I mean, I know almost zero about college football, but even I know that Syracuse’s color is orange, not Dayglo red! (Also, weirdly, Northwestern’s duo colors look blue and white, but the actual university color is purple. I’ve no idea.)

In the end, I went and double-checked each university’s team colors on Wikipedia, ’cause I’m a bit anal that way. I’m assuming that it’s Color Club’s photos that are off, and not the actual colors, since these are properly licensed products.

One thing I learned is that U.S. universities love the following color combinations: red & white, red & black, blue & white, and damn near anything with gold (which isn’t always gold, sometimes it’s just yellow but they call it gold or old gold).

I’m not going to post all the duos here; you can go check them out on Color Club’s website! There’s an entire Color Club Sports section where you can also buy nail art stickers for each team!

Color Club Game Day Duos Fall 2016 Collection
Color Club Sport Game Day Nail Polish Duos, Nail Art & Stickers

Also, from now until August 31, 2016, get 20% off your Color Club order with the code TWENTY4U. I believe the official site ships to the US and Canada, as well as some other countries, but they don’t appear to have shipping information available on their website. Huh.

Happy shopping!

Color Club Game Day Duos retail for US$14.95. The Nail Stick-Ons are $5.95 and the Playbook Nail Art sets are $19.95.

3 thoughts on “New Release: Color Club — Game Day Duos (Fall 2016) & 20% Off Sale

  1. Football is such big business in the US – it’s so odd it’s not big here at all. I love the bottle design on this! That much have been costly for Color Club to do an entire collection with all those shades and the specialized bottles. They must know these will sell out.


  2. Nifty idea! Hmm..they have the college my husband and I root for- bummer that their colors are purple (yay) and yellow (nay) haha. I would literally only use one of the two. Maybe i’ll order, just to have them 🙂


  3. Ok so the bottles are a must have!!! So pretty… Though I’m not a football fan (i know..i know) but they are just adorable.. 😊


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