The Handbags That Got Away

[MARC by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Aidan satchel. Image:]

I’m the sort of person who gets a little bit obsessive about one topic at a time (though luckily I stay pretty obsessed with nail polish, ha!), and recently I’ve been diving back into handbags because my birthday is coming up in the fall and I wanted to narrow down my choices and give myself time to find a good deal!

(Yes, DH and I don’t really exchange gifts. We just do gift budgets. It works out great because we no longer get disappointed about not receiving quite what we wanted! Before, I’d ended up with jewelry that I don’t really wear, and you should have seen the look on his face when I bought him an apparently subpar bottle of Scotch one year. He ain’t never gonna live that look down.)

Anyway, handbags are the only fashion items I’ve been interested in buying, simply because I’m losing my pregnancy weight and even my damn shoes are too snug right now. Clothing will have to wait. I’ve already decided that once I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight—and I will! Right?—I’ll treat myself to a new wardrobe. But for now, handbags! Weeee!

My shortlist is pretty small now, so I just have to decide what I really want. But while I was doing my research, it got me thinking about bags that, for one reason or another, I have had on my wishlist for ages. Many are discontinued (style or color), so the secondhand market is the only place to find them now. Most of these bags will remain on my wishlist forever, I feel, but I enjoyed compiling them into a single blog post for sharing.

Alexander Wang Rockie satchel in Nectar
Alexander Wang Rockie in Nectar.

Alexander Wang — Rockie
The Rockie is the perfect size for my petite stature (the Rocco is too large for me), but reviews all say this is still one heavy bag, thanks to all the gorgeous hardware it sports. Part of me also feels I’m not cool enough for the bag, so I continue to admire it from afar. I especially love this one in nude and pastel shades with silver or rose gold hardware.

Christian Dior Miss Dior in Crimson
Christian Dior Miss Dior in Crimson.

Christian Dior — Miss Dior
This is beyond my comfort zone, price-wise. Simple enough reason! Isn’t that chain strap gorgeous, though? Most bag aficionados are gaga for Chanel’s quilted flaps, but for me, Dior and their cannage stitching is the grail. Sadly, I don’t see the Miss Dior on the official site any more.

Coach Borough in Retro Colorblock Oxblood/Olive
Coach Borough in Retro Colorblock Oxblood/Olive.

Coach — Borough (Retro Colorblock Oxblood/Olive)
Coach has come out with some beautiful styles lately. Every time I see someone carrying this, I wish I’d gotten one—but I don’t work in an office and this bag doesn’t fit my lifestyle. (As if a Miss Dior does! Hahahaha.)

Fendi Be Baguette in Cyclamen
Fendi Be Baguette in Cyclamen.

Fendi — Be Baguette (Cyclamen)
As with the Dior, I can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a bag. It doesn’t feel right! Probably because I’m not a gazillionaire. Even if I saved up the money, I’d still be thinking of what else I could do with the money instead of just having one little bag.

Givenchy Nightingale in bright blue
Givenchy Nightingale in bright blue.

Givenchy — Nightingale (older version)
Givenchy saw fit to redesign the Nightingale, and I’m less enamored of the newer, more structured version that has fewer details. I chose a Pandora over the Nightingale several years ago, and while I don’t regret it, the luxe Nightingales still call to me! The preloved market it will have to be, but it’s tough to find the bag in a great color.

Givenchy Woven Pandora in Dark Blue
Givenchy Woven Pandora in Dark Blue.

Givenchy — Pandora (Blue Basketweave)
My heart skipped a beat when I saw this. It was already sold out when I found it online, and I wasn’t inclined to go hunting for it since I wasn’t planning on spending that kind of money on a bag at the time (I’d just gotten a medium violet Pandora on a trip to Paris—an uncommon splurge, but DH had also picked up a lovely watch in Florence, so it was only fair!). If a genie granted me three handbags, this would definitely be one of them. The Pandora style is quite possibly the ideal bag for me. It’s so comfortable and easy to use, and I think it looks amazing.

Hayden-Harnett Tharpe Hobo in Oyster
Hayden-Harnett Tharpe Hobo in Oyster

Hayden-Harnett — Tharpe (Oyster)
Hayden-Harnett went defunct a couple of years back (though half of the founding team, Toni Hacker, has started her own thing, and Hayden-Harnett’s current site is supposed to go live in Spring 2017), which saddened me as I particularly loved many of their small leather goods (SLGs). I have a number of their leather cuffs, two pairs of shoes, and both of my regular rotation wallets are HH. As for their bags, I just have a Newman hobo and a Bowery clutch—their bags generally didn’t appeal to me as much as the accessories did. The Tharpe is one of their bags that I do wish I’d bought when it was available. There’s something very ’00s about it but I just dig it so much! I especially loved the glowy Oyster leather colorway. Sorry about the puny picture—Hayden-Harnett’s site took down all their old images, so this was the only photo I could find.

Kate Spade Grove Court Maise in Maraschino
Kate Spade Grove Court Maise in Maraschino.

Kate Spade — Grove Court Maise (Maraschino)
Never had a Kate Spade bag before. Missed out on this one and countless other adorable ones like it. I really don’t know why! I even got one of these Maises for my mom (she says she likes it). I really love the juicy color combo of this particular bag. The style is still around, but not the colorway.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Aidan in Cement
MARC by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Aidan in Cement.

MARC by Marc Jacobs — Classic Q Baby Aidan
This is literally the only MbMJ bag style I ever wanted—partly because I love bowling bag-shaped styles, and partly because it doesn’t have a massive nameplate on the front, just a removable tag. But I never ended up getting it because of the signature MbMJ lining that I so despised. All the MbMJ bags are now discontinued in favor of a streamlined Marc Jacobs New York line, which I find nice but a little dull. At least they don’t have that awful lining anymore.

Rachel Nasvik Phoebe satchel in cobalt blue
Rachel Nasvik Phoebe in cobalt blue.

Rachel Nasvik — Phoebe Satchel (Cobalt Blue)
Rachel Nasvik’s stylish, vintage-inspired, made in the USA bags never seemed to really take off like Monica Botkier and Rebecca Minkoff’s lines did. It’s a real shame, to me, because I love Nasvik’s bags far more than anything I’ve ever seen from Botkier, for example. I grabbed a couple RNs off Amazon/Endless back in the day, and a couple more preloved off eBay. Haven’t found a Phoebe in this smooth, luscious blue leather, though.

Rebecca Minkoff MAC in Plum with Rose Gold hardware
Rebecca Minkoff MAC in Plum with Rose Gold hardware

Rebecca Minkoff — MAC (Plum & Rose Gold hardware)
I spotted this one at Revolve years ago, and didn’t feel like paying full-price (I’m not sure I’ve ever paid full-price for a Minkoff anything, actually). It’s the only full-price RM I’ve regretted not buying. The color combination just slays me! But I’ve never seen it on eBay or Bonanza, or at any consignment shops.

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Mini (MAMM) in blue
Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Mini (MAMM) in blue.

Rebecca Minkoff — Morning After Mini Mini (MAMM)
I have a few MAMs (which are mini versions of the MAB!), but was never a fan of the Mini MAM until I saw one in person. It was a girl at a streetcar stop with a black Mini Mini that was just too cute and slouchy! I would love to get one in a sunny yellow or similarly fun color, but I don’t think these were made for very long—2009/10-ish?—and it’s hard to find them.

Roots Madame Bag in Dune/Shell
Roots Madame Bag in Dune/Shell.

Roots — Madame Bag (Dune/Shell)
I’m pretty sure they don’t make this anymore. One of these days, I do have to get a Roots bag! The Madame was one of the more feminine styles they’ve had.

Treesje Luna Hobo in Champagne
Treesje Luna Hobo in Champagne.

Treesje — Luna Hobo (Yellow)
For a brief time a while back, The Bay (now Hudson’s Bay) carried Treesje bags. I was so excited because I’d never seen one in real life, only online. There was an adorable, unusually-shaped little yellow hobo that I petted and visited a couple of times. It slouched beautifully on the shoulder. The Luna came in two sizes, regular and Grande, but I’m sure the one I wanted was the regular. The price was a bit high—I think the exchange rate wasn’t great—so I didn’t buy it. It’s hard to find it on eBay, too, since nobody seems to know the model name. I constantly get alerts for Treesje bags, and although I occasionally see the Luna, I never see it in that sunny yellow. Maybe one day I’ll bite the bullet and just get it in the Champagne pictured above.

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Muse in Dark Green
Yves Saint Laurent Muse in Dark Green.

Yves Saint Laurent — Muse
After YSL made the switch to SLP (Saint Laurent Paris), they also updated the iconic Muse bag. (Now it seems to be discontinued entirely!) I’m not as big a fan of the new version, finding it far too plain, but as time has gone by, I love the original a little bit less and less. I think I still find it a lovely bag, but it doesn’t suit my lifestyle at all, and I am really not into arm-carried bags. Oddly enough, whenever I see a YSL/SLP bag in real life, I’m also never wowed like I should be. I think it’s just the design I love—the graphic Y shape on the front is just genius!—and the bags themselves are not something I would really be adding to my collection.

And, finally, do SLGs count?

Hayden-Harnett Emile Indexer Wallet in Grape
Hayden-Harnett Emile Indexer in Grape.

Hayden-Harnett — Emile Indexer (any bright color)
I adore my Emile Indexer wallet, but it’s black, which makes it a pain in the behind to use with handbags that have dark linings. Ideally, my next French wallet will be a bright color that is easier to find and, obviously, more fun! I can never find Emile Indexers anywhere in bright colors, though.

Are there any handbags that got away from you?




22 thoughts on “The Handbags That Got Away

  1. Love this post.. majority of the bags you have posted were on my list for a while. My number one brand to date is Fendi, I’ve always been a huge fan ever since but yes! that $$$ is wayyyy too much for a small bag. Now, the Givenchy (Nightingale) was my option before hubby got me my Celine but I noticed that the longer you use them it gets worn out unpleasantly (maybe because of the material?). I liked the A.W Rockie but I liked the Rocco too, however there are tons of fake (imitation) out there so I kinda put it at the back of my list hehe. Lastly, R. Minkoff is just great for a super inexpensive price point. I have two from Minkoff and have been eyeing on another one. Girl, I can go on and on and on but I guess I need to stop..hahahahha isn’t it obvious that I have a bag obsession too?heheheh But, whatever you end up purchasing from your list, I’m sure it’s going to be great! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay, another handbag addict!

      Ooh that is very interesting about the Givenchy Nightingales wearing out. What a shame, as I always thought the leather on them looked so luxurious. Which Céline do you have? Did your hubby pick it out? (Fine taste, if so!)

      And oh gosh, I am crazy about RM bags, particularly the old school ones! I have to make a post about all of them, someday 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have the Micro.. I’ve been drooling on them since forever. I kept showing a photo to my hubby as I was thinking of saving for one. my options were Fendi (waaayyy too $$$), Prada (forgot the model) and the Celine.. That’s when Ingrid Nilsen did a what’s in my bag video i think and I saw how cute the bag was. He surprised me on our Anniversary hehe.. It’s cute bag but pretty heavy even without anything on it so I rarely use them. And yes! RM is just classic and elegant.. I wanted the rose gold chain as well, they were on sale last December on the Bloomingdales site for $89 (I missed it!😫). I want the black motto I think? 😍😍


  2. I like the idea of a gift budget! 😛
    Ooh out of yours, I really like the Classic Q Baby Aidan and Roots Madame bag! I have the Mademoiselle version which I think is smaller? I’m so not a purse girl… the only “handbags” I was interesting in collecting were LeSportSacs as you know. There are some cute prints from the early 2000’s that I still think about! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh the gift budget is WONDERFUL 🙂 Neither of us is huge on surprises, so no loss there. Only problem is I usually spend mine right away, and DH saves his since he “doesn’t need anything.” One day he’ll have enough to get some unseemly expensive watch :p

      The Mademoiselle does look smaller, and daintier! I think I just preferred the chubbier look of the Mme, hah…

      And yes, I’ve a friend who is all about LeSportSac, too (not a collector, but they’re the only bags she owns). The prints are really fun – though does it say something about me that the only LSS I have is a diaper bag with no print?! I’ve never checked out their older prints – sounds like a fun way for me to kill some time!

      Liked by 1 person

        • Yup! I swear I am actually quite good at being thrifty….when I need to be. 🙂 It’s a bit funny how when I was working, I was so busy and rarely bought anything apart from some clothes for work (even then there were no big purchases since the office was casual). Now that I’m at home with the kids, I have extra time to browse online shops!


  3. I really like the Rebecca Minkoff bag. Very pretty!

    ABout gift budgets – great idea! My husband and I never give each other presents. It’s something I ‘introduced’ him to right away when we got together.

    I don’t like the idea of giving someone a present because one might feel obliged to do so (because of birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, etc). Back then I told him I’m happy to receive a present on any other day – but only if he wants to get me something, and if it’s something I would love.

    Sure, I do give presents to friends, but it’s different with me and my husband. We never gift each other anything – unless one sees something the other one would definitely love – but then it’s more like ‘look what I bought for you today’ than ‘here’s your (insert special occasion here) present’.

    So what we do on special occasions (birthdays, anniversary)… we both take the day off and we spend time together doing nothing productive at all. It’s the best!

    And in terms of buying things – we both buy what we want and whenever we want to. OK, we’re both sale shoppers, so we’re not just spending money constantly.

    All in all, I love to buy presents for myself – especially when the sale starts on Boxing Day and everything’s half price! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Our gift budgets actually do end up a little bit like the way you and your husband do gift giving! Because we don’t enforce having to spend the gift budget by the particular event date, we end up carefully shopping the sales, etc.! I LIVE for sales. Hahaha!

      Spending the day together is really a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions, too. I wish we had more time to do that, as well!

      Liked by 1 person

          • Me too. In all honesty, I think paying full price is like spending twice as much as you’d have to.

            And I really wonder why people buy Christmas presents (clothes, bags, accessories, beauty sets) instead of vouchers on Christmas Eve – considering that what they buy in store on the 24th is most likely already on sale online (it really is like this over here in the UK). Ah well, at least these guys are doing their bit for the economy.

            Liked by 1 person

          • You’re totally right about Christmas money vs actual items! Plus, you get Boxing Day shopping in Canada (and after-Christmas sales in the US) so the money definitely goes farther that way.

            The only thing I need to be better at is removing my sale goggles! Buying something on sale doesn’t actually save you money if you weren’t going to buy it, anyway…LOL!

            Liked by 1 person

          • So true! What I always do is pick my future sale bargains while they’re still full price. I try on everything I want to buy way before the shops get busy in time for Christmas, I take notes of which size I need for every single item, and come Boxing Day, my husband and I arrive early, then we split up (we will both have the same lists of items – with photos!) – and then all we need to do is locate the goodies, store by store. And we always call each other during the bargain hunt to tell each other what we’ve got so that we can update our lists. Most of the time we’ve got everything together in under two hours, and we’re on our way back before the crowds arrive. I really think that my approach to sale shopping mops the floor with everyone else’s. 😉

            About the sale goggles. Just try to pick out the items you actually want before the sale starts. That way you don’t have to try anything on when it’s busy on Boxing Day, and you don’t have to touch and look at hundreds of items, the majority of which you probably wouldn’t even look at if they weren’t on sale. So take off the sale googles and plan your shopping in advance. That way you really won’t fall into the impulse buy trap.


    • Isn’t it a beauty? I really hope it’s not just Revolve’s excellent photo that makes it look better than IRL, haha! How disappointing would that be?


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