Shopping: Makeup Revolution (UK) Now in Canada

Just a quick heads up for Canadian fans of British drugstore makeup brand, Makeup Revolution: Western Canada-based London Drugs is now carrying Makeup Revolution. Canadians can order a few items off the website, as well.

From London Drugs:

London Drugs is excited to be launching UK-based makeup brand Makeup Revolution, exclusively at London Drugs! The brand is well known for their quality products and accessible prices, with their claim to fame being their variety of palettes.

Makeup Revolution is based in the UK. They do have a US-based website and are also available in the US via Ulta.

I think it’s great to see more international brands coming to Canada.

(Thanks to my swap with Helpless Whilst Drying earlier this year, I already have some Makeup Revolution products, and need to start reviewing some of them.)

Happy shopping!


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