12 Perfumes I Want Just for the Bottle

I don’t normally post on weekends, but this post was all done and ready to go, and I haven’t posted much lately.

In the wee hours of the night, I stay up with my two-and-a-half month old daughter and try not to do any online shopping. Therefore, I end up doing silly things like dissecting nine different versions of a Middle Eastern cookie recipe to create one über-recipe or compiling long lists of things that probably only I care about.

Recently, I’ve had perfume and handbags on the brain—which makes more sense than you’d think, since so many fashion houses necessarily have their own lines of perfume, as well. What do Narciso Rodriguez, Stella McCartney, and Juicy Couture know about perfume? But everyone from Michael Bublé, David Beckham, Zara, and the Kardashians to Donald Trump, Ferrari, Minions, and 24 (yes, the TV show) has a perfume line, so really, none of it makes sense anymore.

(I don’t wish to seem like I’m slamming any non-perfumers’ perfumes—some of my favorites are celebrity scents! I just really wanted to mention the Minions again.)

The perfume and handbags combination then got me thinking about the design of perfume bottles, as surely fashion houses would care deeply about their products’ aesthetics. I’ve seen many bottles that are straight-up hideous and others that are sublimely lovely. It’s never really affected my purchasing behavior, as it’s what’s inside the bottle that really counts: I’m not toting my perfume around with me and wearing it around my neck. But still, I like pretty things, and there are some fragrances with bottles I’ve admired but I haven’t gotten around to adding them to my collection for one reason or another. Here are the top 12 perfumes I want just for the bottle (in alphabetical order):


BALENCIAGA Florabotanica

I love everything about this perfume, except for the way it smells. I felt that Florabotanica didn’t smell like very much at all, like a generic, vaguely scented bath product. Everything else about the fragrance—the name, the bottle, the notes (mint, carnation, rose, and vetiver, all of which I enjoy)—is screaming Buy me! so I feel I should probably revisit it. Perhaps—and I hope—my nose was just having an off day.



It’s the world’s most iconic perfume bottle. (See the Andy Warhol painting above.) The fragrance itself isn’t to my taste, however. I’ve tried the eau de toilette—it opens like ginger ale, then sours like a lemon on my skin. Perhaps I’ll try the eau de parfum one day, but I do have and love 2007’s N°5 Eau Première, and that’s probably enough N°5 for me, even though its bottle is not quite the same gorgeous, chunky style.


DIESEL Loverdose

Diesel always comes out with interesting, love-it-or-hate-it bottles. Loverdose is a stunner, like an edgy older sister to Vera Wang’s pukey-cute Princess fragrances. The bottle won’t stand up properly on a dresser, but I already have Chopard Wish, so that ship has sailed. As for the juice, I don’t especially like Loverdose (too sweet and jammy) but the Tattoo flanker, a creamy floriental, smells much more like something I’d wear. Too bad I still prefer the violet bottle to Loverdose Tattoo’s black.


GROSSMITH Shem-El-Nessim

I’ve had this elegantly-packaged perfume on my wishlist for a very long time, but haven’t bitten the bullet since it’s very pricey and, honestly, smells fairly close to my favorite fragrance, Guerlain L’Heure Bleue. Still, wouldn’t one of these bottles look magnificent on a vanity table?


GUERLAIN L’Heure Bleue & Mitsouko

L’Heure Bleue and Mitsouko come in the same style of bottle. I love both scents and have cap-less testers of each in eau de toilette concentration. I’ll eventually pick up the eaux de parfum in these classically beautiful bottles with their upside-down heart caps, but for now I am happy with the EDTs.



Once again, I have Shalimar in EDT formulation in a cap-less tester, and in the older style of bottle, to boot. The newer bottle designed by Jade Jagger was released in 2010, and I think it’s perfection. I won’t be picking up more Shalimar in another tester bottle, that’s for sure.



The 75 mL bottle of this perfume is amazing. Yes, that’s a snail climbing up the side. Reviews don’t sound too great, though—apparently it really doesn’t live up to its name—so I’m not inclined to purchase it. The Extrait de Parfum comes in a gold bottle with a gold snail. (The 30 mL bottle is on clearance at Hudson’s Bay for CA$25, but it sits upright and only has a snail drawn on the front. Lame.)



I adore the original Lolita Lempicka, both the bottle and the fragrance, but never bothered with any of the many flankers. This 2016 release comes in a new, deep purple bottle that I finally don’t think I want to pass up! (The Sweet flanker comes in a lovely red bottle, too.)



I’ve never especially liked any of Marc Jacobs’ fragrance offerings, so it was no real surprise that I swooned over Decadence’s handbag bottle, yet disliked the actual perfume. I’ll probably give the 2015 flanker, Divine Decadence, a try, since it comes in the same style of bottle (with clear glass and a lighter-colored juice, so it’s not quite as attractive as the original), but I’m not going to hold my breath.



I often have a hard time with jasmine scents, which I tend to read as—forgive my indelicacy—poopy. It’d be indolic in perfumista-speak. Jasmine is the only reason I’ve avoided Alien and its fascinating, sci-fi movie bottle. I get strong The Fifth Element vibes from it. (That’s a fantastic movie, by the way, if you’re into sci-fi: Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, a fabulous[ly annoying] Chris Tucker, Luke Perry, and Ian Holm in a Luc Besson movie. Oh yes.)



Féerie is quite an insipid, cloying, fruity-flowery-powdery fragrance, which is a shame since it comes in one of the loveliest bottles! (For a sweet violet, I much prefer Fragonard Violette, which is perfectly straightforward and smells like violet candies.) As luxury jewellers, it was only natural that VC&A came out with a perfume bottle that doubles as a jewelry-holder. It’s so pretty that I’m seriously considering buying a bottle, anyway.



This is one helluva sexual perfume—I’d literally never wear it out in public, it’s so skanky. It’s meant for the boudoir! Also, it looks like the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. (Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is actually supposed to look like a grenade, and it is a beautiful bottle, but it doesn’t have that delightful Monty Python aspect to it.)

Which are your favorite perfume bottles?
Are there any you’ve bought mostly because you loved the bottle?



11 thoughts on “12 Perfumes I Want Just for the Bottle

  1. Florabotanica has been on my list purely for the bottle too! It’s so darn pretty I don’t mind the scent too much I just wish it had a bit more pow, it’s very light isn’t it!
    I bought the 30ml of illamasqua freak and wish it tipped like that, I actually bought it online after seeing it discounted to a silly price (£4!) but don’t actually like the scent at all I must have only worn it a few times!
    Ahh the Chanel no 5, a classic I’m currently away for the weekend with my mum and was only admiring her bottle last night! It’s so sleek and elegant, she also has the mitsouko bottle at home, they’re very similar in style!
    I normally love Marc Jacobs packaging but do not like divine decadence’s at all other than the colour of the glass which I think is pretty! I do like the fragrance of it, but I’m allergic to MJ fragrances so it won’t ever be going on my list!
    I think my favorite bottle I own is Michael kors very Hollywood, I once had the 30, 50 and 100ml at the same time and they looked so cute lined up together! I also really like the Olympea packaging but have ran out, it reminds me of the simple chic of Chanel no 5, with a touch of modern with that rose gold accent

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    • I think we’re not alone in loving the Florabotanica bottle, but less so the juice inside! What a shame.

      Oh, for £4 I’d buy the 30mL Freak, too. A steal….though it is too bad you don’t like the scent.

      Your mom has elegant taste in perfume! ❤ Mitsouko so very much.

      Interesting that you’re allergic to a line of perfumes! I am occasionally allergic to some (I get rashes) but it’s never been restricted to a brand. I haven’t been able to figure out what ingredient is causing the trouble, and perhaps it’s more than one! Lancôme Trésor and Hugo Boss Orange definitely give me problems, especially the latter. I think I’d literally die if I got dumped into a vat of Boss Orange. My arm swelled up like an actual orange where I sprayed it on my arm.

      I had to check out MK Very Hollywood on Fragrantica (http://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Michael-Kors/Very-Hollywood-6047.html) because I am totally unfamiliar with it! The bottle is so pretty, like a jewel box – totally see why you love it! Olympea’s very pretty, as well; I need to try it but can’t find a tester that isn’t totally empty.

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    • Yes, Florabotanica was such a disappointment! I could not believe the incongruity of the beautiful bottle + stylish designer and such a boring-ass scent.

      LOL yes, jasmine is so off-putting in most scents. I have found a few where I like it a lot and it’s not overly fecal, but it’s difficult. 😛

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  2. I bought the flanker of Florabotanica, named Rosabotanoca. Same bottle, but with aditional flowery design and the juice smells better than Florabotanoca. 🙂
    great and very inspiring post. There’s a couple perfumes I’d pick up for the bottle and luckily most of them are Guerlains so they smell nice, too.
    The only perfume I ever really bought because of the bottle was Moschino’s Fresh. I was going to put it into the bathroom as a joke, but my mum mistook it for a real bottle of cleanser and almost tried to use it. XD

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  3. I agree about the Chanel No5. I hate the stink of that perfume but the bottle is just so classic!
    I had no idea that Jade Jagger designed the new Guerlain Shalimar bottles – neat!
    Ooh the 75ml bottle of Illamasqua Freak is so cool! I smelled that perfume at the Illamsqua counter and it is way too musky for me.
    The Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume surprised me – I love the bottle and thought I’d hate the perfume but it turns out I didn’t. I’m actually contemplating it!
    Yesss, I totally get a strong 5th Element alien vibe from the Thierry Mugler perfume! I hate the perfume so much though. Ick. That movie though – Chris Tucker at his finest!

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    • I did end up getting Chanel Coco Noir last year with Optimum Points (woot!) and that comes in the same bottle as No5, except in black – so I’m happy!

      And if you like Decadence, def. get it!! The bottle is swoonworthy.

      Chris Tucker at his finest, indeed. I was watching the credits to the Rush Hour movies just the other day (with Jackie Chan and all the bloopers) and feel the itch to rewatch them. I can’t actually remember whether I saw all three…


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