Valcena — Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream Review

This is the second part of a series of Valcena reviews I will be doing! The following are Valcena products I’ve got in my queue. Starred (*) items are ones that have been sent to me by Valcena for review; the others I have purchased at Winners:

  1. Eau Lactée Cleansing Milk *
  2. Cleansing Gel
  3. Cleansing Scrub
  4. Éclat Anti-Age Face Mask (mini) *
  5. Roller Glacé Eye Contour Cream *
  6. Nutri-Lift Sérum *
  7. Nutrition Absolue Day Care
  8. Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream * (today’s review)
  9. Multi Active Régénérante Night Cream
  10. Hydra Nourrissant Body Lotion *
  11. Rose Absolue EDT Natural Spray *

Valcena Paris were kind enough to send me a package of some of their most popular products for honest review.

Valcena press samples 2016

They included some mini sizes, as well (two of which I already owned personally, and one of which they already sent in full-size, so that was a bit funny!), and a lovely note from the PR contact:

Valcena press samples, minis, 2016

Today I will be reviewing an item they sent to me, the Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream, which is the partner to the Multi Active Régénérante Night Cream I reviewed earlier.

The Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream‘s active ingredients are Damascena rose oil and vegetable oils (castor and olive). The website states that the cream also contains a UV Filter, though I that isn’t stated on the packaging, nor is the SPF mentioned. I use a separate sunscreen on my face, anyway—and sometimes my foundation has it, as well—so I don’t normally expect my face cream to have SPF. In fact, I usually prefer there not to be sunscreen so I can choose my own.

From Valcena:

This multi-active moisturizing for daytime, softens and moisturizes skin using a D-panthenol and glycerine complex. With a delicate fragrance, this moisturizing care reinforces the skin’s natural defences all day long and protects from external aggressions, including the sun. Normal to dry skin.

The cream is packaged in a translucent jar made of sturdy plastic. The cream itself is contained in an opaque white jar. I do prefer the feel of glass jars for higher-end skincare products, but honestly, plastic is safer since I do have a habit of dropping things on my bathroom floor. A small plastic scoop is also packaged with the cream, presumably so you don’t have to stick your fingers into the jar for hygienic reasons, but I am a finger-dipper, so I tossed that. The screw-on cap is also a two-piecer made of plastic; this part of the packaging doesn’t feel as sturdy, and as nice as it looks, I think Valcena might want to redesign it to feel surer in the hand.

Valcena Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream

Since Valcena’s products all seem to contain rose extract, this cream smells wonderful to this rose lover! It is well-scented, so the very sensitive-skinned should probably stay away, but I love scented creams so this is just perfect for me! Valcena’s rose scent is a heavier rose, with a touch of lipstick about it, but it also has a watery aspect to it that reads as a dewy rose.

The cream itself is opaque white and has a light texture, almost like a gel. It smooths onto the skin and sinks in beautifully. I have had no issues layering products over this, like foundation: it works very well as a base. I have really been liking this over the summer, and it is the perfect weight for my dry skin. I will be very interested in testing this into the fall and winter, to see how well it works then.

Valcena Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream

The jar I received from Valcena expires in April 2018 (and the cream expires one year after it’s been opened). The Valcena products I’ve recently found at Winners seem to expire in 2019, so I’m happy to recommend that you run out and look for this lovely cream at your local Winners/TJMaxx/Marshalls!

Valcena Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream
Valcena Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream


Valcena Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream comes in a 50 mL jar and can be found at one online store for about £22, though I do not know whether this is the official MSRP. The Valcena representative didn’t actually give me any pricing information. She did indicate that the company is planning on launching a Canadian online shop in September 2016, but for the time being, their products can be occasionally found at TK Maxx (in the UK), and I have found them at Winners in Canada, where they all seem to be priced at CA$12.99.

The packaging didn’t state where the product was made, but the Valcena night cream I bought at Winners had a “Made in Bulgaria” sticker on it (that’s where the roses are from!).

Valcena Paris was launched in 2010. The brand’s skincare products revolve around Damascena rose essence from the Balkan valley. The company’s products are free of parabens, preservatives, and added coloring. Valcena is cruelty-free.


7 thoughts on “Valcena — Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream Review

  1. What awesome customer service from them! Honestly – how great is that, just from a simple email inquiring about availability. 🙂
    You can use the mini sizes for travel! I was curious about the Day cream since I saw it at Winners but I’ve got a few creams to use up first. It sounds really nice.
    We need to meet up one of these days so I can get those Night creams over to you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, we do! Maybe during another lunchtime shopping trip? I still haven’t checked out anything new – we have got that Winners at Dundas Sq, the Nordies, and I think Uniqlo has opened, hasn’t it?


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