The Body Shop — Blueberry Body Scrub (LE) Review

After being less than enamored of the last body scrub I tried from The Body Shop—Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub—I went out and bought two more since they were on sale. Typical me! (I also picked up the Love Your Body Rewards Card, which gives a 10% discount, so obviously I needed to spend more, hahaha…)

This time, I picked scrubs in two different formulas, though. The Vineyard Peach scrub came in a not-very-scrubtacular cream formula. The Chocomania scrub came in a greasy formula and the Blueberry scrub came in a clearer, jelly-like formula. Gotta say I didn’t especially love any of the three!

From The Body Shop (Ireland)—it’s no longer on the Canadian site!:

This gently exfoliating body scrub has an uplifting blueberry scent. Each pot contains Community Trade honey from Ethiopia, made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers.

• Lifts away dead skin cells
• Helps stimulate skin surface microcirculation
• Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother
• Uplifting blueberry scent

While it’s a scrubbier scrub than the Vineyard Peach scrub was, and definitely not greasy like the Chocomania scrub was, I found that the Blueberry scrub’s light jelly texture meant it slipped off the skin too easily. The abrasives used were raspberry pips (too large) and walnut shell powder (could have used more).

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub

Funny story about the raspberry pips: they’re small, light brown, and almond-shaped. Once, when I got out of the shower, I saw one on my arm that hadn’t washed off, and jumped about a foot in the air, thinking it was a bug!

While these scrubs can be had fairly cheaply, since The Body Shop is always running sales and you’re getting ripped off if you ever pay full price, I found these scrubs to be the opposite of “a little goes a long way.” Not very economical, in my opinion.

The scent is OK, a very juicy blueberry candy sort of fragrance. It reminds me of those juice boxes I took to school as a kid, that advertised “Made with real fruit juice!” but if you read the label, it was really only 10% actual fruit juice. The color of the scrub is a deep, stain-yer-teeth kind of purple, which is both awesome and scary. I haven’t tested to see if it actually stains towels.

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub
Ahh, Capri Sun! I don’t think they ever said they contained real juice; I was thinking Veryfine, Juicy Juice, maybe Hi-C. But I damn I loved Capri Sun. And Sunny D. Never got the craze over Fruitopia, though.
14 Drinks From The ’90s We Always Hoped We’d Find In Our Lunch Boxes” Image:

I wouldn’t repurchase this, or probably any other Body Shop scrub now that I’ve tested them in three different formulas.

The ingredients are:

Aqua/Water (Solvent/Diluent), Glycerin (Humectant), PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Emulsifier), Juglans Regia Shell Powder/Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Powder (Exfoliant), Rubus Idaeus Seed/Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Seed (Abrasive), Silica (Absorbent), Polysorbate 20 (Emulsifier), Benzyl Alcohol (Preservative), Phenoxyethanol (Preservative), Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer (Stabiliser/Viscosity Modifier), Mel/Honey (Natural Additive), Parfum/Fragrance (Fragrance), Limonene (Fragrance Ingredient), Sodium Hydroxide (pH Adjuster), Hexyl Cinnamal (Fragrance Ingredient), Linalool (Fragrance Ingredient), Benzophenone-3 (Ultraviolet Light Absorber), Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (Ultraviolet Light Absorber), Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Extract (Skin-Conditioning Agent), Disodium EDTA (Chelating Agent), Denatonium Benzoate (Denaturant), CI 60730/Violet 2 (Colorant), CI 14700/Red 4 (Colorant).


The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub is 6.9 oz / 200 mL and retails for US$20 / CA$22 / €11. The formula is vegetarian, contains community fair trade and non-GMO ingredients, and does not contain phthalates or triclosan. The Body Shop remains a cruelty-free company.

The Body Shop was founded in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick. It is headquartered in Littlehampton, England. In 2006, the company was acquired by L’Oréal.


8 thoughts on “The Body Shop — Blueberry Body Scrub (LE) Review

    • I saw the BIGGEST spider a couple weeks back! I never kill house spiders because they’re far preferable to all other horrible bugs – but man it was kinda scary. We must have a lot of delicious small flies around or something, ’cause it was like, quarter-sized. LOL. Good thing we aren’t in Australia. They’d be laughing at my small change-sized spider friend.


      • I always go by the mantra that spiders are our friends because they eat other bugs… but yeah, sometimes I have my limited too. It`s such a primal thing, the hairs my arms stick up!
        I really want to visit Australia one day but a huge deterrent is their abundance of their Stephen King “The Mist”-esque creatures.


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