Online Store Review: Avon Canada


This is gonna be short, as I never received my order for a full review. Last week, I placed an order with for the first time in probably ten years. Back then, you could order online without going through a representative. Now, your order goes through a rep, who will then contact you with shipping details and costs. A lot less efficient and time-consuming, but I get that reps are part of their business model—even though I far prefer just ordering online and getting stuff delivered to me quickly.

So I was assigned a rep online, and I placed an order for a bunch of nail polish (yay) and a load of bath and body products.

Today, four days later, I receive this somewhat cryptic email of plain text:

Dear [fivezero],

We wish to advise you that unfortunately, [assigned representative] has not processed your Campaign 21 order. Please contact your Representative for details, or you may submit your order to a different independent Representative.

Thank you,

Well, that’s…great. I actually placed my order on the last day of the campaign, so whatever sales of which I had taken advantage will now be different.

Anyway, Avon Products Inc. has been doing poorly over a number of years, and last year they finally made the decision to split up into two entities: the original Avon will become based in the UK, and the North American company, 80% acquired by Cerberus Capital Management, will become New Avon.

Perhaps I’ll wait to see what happens. There’s no way I’m attempting to place another order after this poor experience. The site is also clunky as heck and somewhat buggy, too. It’s a shame as I remember liking some Avon products back in the day: their NailWear polishes and GlossWear lipglosses were excellent!


4 thoughts on “Online Store Review: Avon Canada

  1. Thanks for sharing!!! I won’t be buying from Avon anytime soon …
    Sadly Avon is slowly dying; my very first makeup products were from this brand😕


  2. Wow that’s really annoying and disappointing and a ridiculous business model. Shouldn’t they be contacting the rep and telling them to get their crap together? Or transfer your order to a rep that cares? Such a missed opportunity!


  3. That’s totally crappy. I’ve never tried their online ordering – I’d rather go through someone I know (in my case, a coworker’s mom!) I hope you get this sorted and hopefully whatever sale price you had, they’ll honour it.
    Ooh yes, GlossWear lip glosses, I’d forgotten about those! They were great, except they’d turn so quickly.

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    • I used to have an Avon source but not for a while now. I just find it so much more convenient to order online. Too bad they can’t even sort out the online ordering through a rep!


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