Throwback Thursday! The Body Shop — Ananya Perfume Review

I can’t remember whether I’ve previously done a Throwback Thursday that wasn’t a nail polish, but here is one for today!

Back in the late 90s, perfume oils from The Body Shop were all the rage, and White Musk was probably their most popular scent. I, however, loved Ananya, and purchased a bottle of the eau de toilette spray, since I’ve never been one for perfume oils.

I dug up Ananya recently and found that, to my surprise, it’s still holding up pretty well!

To me, Ananya is a heady mix of rich white florals (like tuberose, and some jasmine), with syrupy fruit (peach) and soft powdery musk. It always reminds me of India, even though I’ve never actually been there. The association is probably stronger because of Ananya’s intense, sari-pink label!

Ananya is definitely a perfume bomb, and was one of the strongest scents I had come across at The Body Shop. I have read that The Body Shop resurrected some of their older scents briefly in the early 2000s, but I missed that boat. Hopefully they’ll do one again sometime, but it seems like their MO nowadays is light, inoffensive scents. Ananya would trample over most of their current lineup, as it’s such a heavyweight of a fragrance!

The Body Shop Ananya eau de toilette


The Body Shop Ananya EDT is long discontinued. The Body Shop is a cruelty-free company.

The Body Shop was founded in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick. It is headquartered in Littlehampton, England. In 2006, the company was acquired by L’Oréal.


8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday! The Body Shop — Ananya Perfume Review

  1. Fragrance oils are always good. Seems the Body Shop is totally hit or miss. They have some great stuff and then some bombs. They should bring back all their great stuff and flush the bombs like their Bouncy Mask. Don’t know if you tried that but that was a no-go for me. I’d love a fragrant oil.

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    • I really wish they’d bring some of those golden oldies back! Such a disappointment that they replace good stuff with…crappier stuff. Will stay away from the bouncy mask, thx 🙂


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