MAC x Helmut Newton (Winter 2016) collection

New Release: MAC — Limited Edition Photographs by Helmut Newton (Winter 2016)

Collection: MAC 2016 Winter, Limited Edition Photographs by Helmut Newton

Sometimes MAC calls this the Helmut Newton collection; other times the Limited Edition collection. So I’m just calling it the whole dang thing it says on the website’s collection banner (above).

From MAC:

M·A·C Limited Edition celebrates the erotically charged and elegant work of legendary photographer Helmut Newton. Known for his precise, glamorous and empowering photography of women, this limited-edition colour collection captures his provocative, exquisite taste. A selection of Newton’s iconic photographs adorns the packaging. Even today, his work remains as distinctive and influential as ever.

[Added 2017-11-30] If you’d like to learn more about Helmut Newton and view more of his work, you can check out Helmut Newton at Artsy (please note that some of the work includes nudity):

Helmut Newton photographs, Sigourney Weaver, Andy Warhol, via
Zuul looks super glam in the bottom left corner.

The MAC collection comprises the usual assortment of eyeshadows, lip products, and more, and also three new Studio Nail Lacquers:

  • Berlin, purple (crème) [this looks red to me on the website]
  • Call Time, grey (crème)
  • Monte Carlo, red (crème)

Not the most exciting array of colors, is it?

MAC has also discontinued their core collection of Studio Nail Lacquers, and currently only have plans to release the product in limited edition collections, such as this one.

The Studio Nail Lacquers retail for US$13 / CA$15, unless they are in special packaging—which is not the case with this collection, though I think the Helmut Newton products do seem like they come with fancy boxes.

Happy shopping!

MAC, Limited Edition Photographs by Helmut Newton collection, Winter 2016

6 thoughts on “New Release: MAC — Limited Edition Photographs by Helmut Newton (Winter 2016)

  1. So the MAC Polishes are dead!? Interesting (WHY AREN’T THEY IN THE SALE HERE!) – find it a bit weird they’d only choose to release them as LE items especially as they’re rarely the most coveted items from LE Collections, especially if they’re as snoozy as the ones in this line. Definitely agree with you not an exciting selection and Berlin definitely looks like a vampy blood red, at a push I might call it a burgundy!

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  2. I wonder how that liquid liner is. HMMMMM. Have you tried it? Interesting MAC discontinued their polishes. I’m wondering where they are going to turn up on sale? They have to go somewhere!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Not feeling it! Why even bother doing a “collection” – is there even any special packaging with this except for the cardboard box? MAC is now just insulting us.

    Liked by 1 person

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