Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Slicks and Stones, swatch

Sally Hansen — Slicks and Stones (Color Therapy) Swatch & Review

Collection: Sally Hansen 2016, Color Therapy [Launch]

I recently picked up a few of Sally Hansen’s recently launched Color Therapy argan oil-infused nail polishes when they went on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart. My review of Powder Room covers the product line in more detail.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy haulage, Powder Room, Slicks and Stones, Therapewter

I am normally drawn to creams, so I’m not sure how I ended up with two microglitters and a frost!

Today’s polish is reasonably in-keeping with a Halloween theme. For some reason, purple tends to get included in Halloween collections. I guess it goes nicely with black on vampires, coffins, spiders and cats.

Slicks and Stones (390) is a vampy purple with iridescent microglitter that flashes antique gold and medium purple.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Slicks and Stones

I complained about the brush in the first Color Therapy polish I tried, but I’m glad to say that the brush in Slicks and Stones is a bit better. It’s still not great, but I can deal with it. I really wish the brush was just flatter, if it must be so wide and a bit unevenly cut.

The combination of lovely formulas but unimpressive-to-me brushes on these Color Therapy and Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes really makes me wonder whether I ought to look into nabbing some cheap nail polish brushes off eBay or the like. I’m pretty sure you can just snap the stems (thank you, Stashy!) out of the caps, but I am not sure whether they all fit the caps the same way. I should experiment.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Slicks and Stones, swatch

Slicks and Stones does have a very smooth, even application, and the microglitter spreads out nicely. The base is a bit dark, and while the polish has a good amount of microglitter, it’s not totally packed, so the end result isn’t quite as sparkly as it looks in the bottle. However, it still looks luxe and multidimensional, since the microglitter has gold and lighter purple iridescence.

If you’re looking for a good quality, glittery vampy polish in the drugstore, I don’t think I know a better one than this!


Sally Hansen Color Therapy contains 0.5 US fl oz / 14.7 mL and retails for CA$11.95 (I’m having a hard time finding the US price; is this even in the US?). The formula is free from toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). It contains a number of oils (castor, argan, evening primrose and safflower).

Sally Hansen’s website states that Sally Hansen and her husband developed a Hard as Nails nail treatment in the late 1950s. (This begs to differ! How odd. There isn’t even a Wikipedia page on the woman or the brand!) Anyway, Sally Hansen, the company, was purchased by Coty Inc. in 1997 when the cosmetics giant acquired Del Laboratories, which owned brands like Sally Hansen, La Cross, and NYC (New York Color). Coty itself was founded in Paris, France in 1904, and is owned by a German holding company and headquartered in New York, NY, USA.

11 thoughts on “Sally Hansen — Slicks and Stones (Color Therapy) Swatch & Review

  1. I love how you’re dedicated to the worthy cause of satisfactory nail polish brushes. I’d never thought to get cheap brushes off ebay! 😛
    This colour though! So pretty. Although I think I have a similar shade from SH’s Complete Salon Manicure in Problem Child… it’s maybe less glittery.

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    • I managed to find some standalone nail polish stems+brushes online, but am trying to decide whether they are going to be decent enough quality! I’m not normally super picky about the brush but once you have a choice, it’s kind of maddening!


  2. Too bad about the brush! Here’s what I’ve done a few times in the past… when I emptied a clear polish (one with a nice brush), I just poured the awesome polish (with the sh*tty brush) into the empty clear polish bottle. It’s not great for photos but it’s definitely an option that’s worth considering.

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    • Yes! I feel like I did this once, a long time ago, when I got a dud brush that was all wonky. 🙂 I did happen to have a clear topcoat around, though, so that made it easy.

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  3. Ooh I’ve not heard of this line yet! It was about time someone put Argan into polishes! I like this shade, I wish it edged a smidge more purple though, black nails doesn’t sit well on my skin tone and I think this would just be too close for me to be wearable, looks a pretty shade though

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  4. I reviewed these polishes on my blog to! I liked their creams better in this line. The other polishes were to runny and I agree that they did not work with the brush.


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