SinfulColors Nail Colour in Nice Guise (Halloween 2016), swatch

SinfulColors — Nice Guise (Halloween 2016 Nail Colour) Swatch & Review

Collection: SinfulColors 2016 Halloween, Guise & Ghouls: Glowing Masquerade

Happy Halloween!

SinfulColors’ Guise & Ghouls collection for Halloween 2016 includes this limited edition shade in the aptly named “Chameleon Color” finish.

In the bottle, Nice Guise (2122) appears to be an inky ultramarine blue-black infused with teal and old gold microglitter. On the nail, the base is actually an intense but not-really-vampy blue.

SinfulColors Nail Colour in Nice Guise (Halloween 2016)

The formula is luscious, almost gel-like, and pretty much a One-Coat Wonder. I usually say that a polish is just about a one-coat wonder, but that I still prefer it with two coats. In the case of Nice Guise, I think it’s actually OK with only one coat. In my swatch, I only have one coat on, and though it does look like it could use two, in real life it actually looks fine and not as uneven as the macro shot and bright light shows.

The pigmentation is surprisingly good, although the color is not actually as deep as it looks in the swatch. I much prefer it on the nail, as it really looks stunning! There’s a good amount of microglitter and it comes in a mix of teal blue and gold.

I have to admit that I don’t think this is an especially Halloween-y shade—it’s got more of a starry night appeal to it—but it’s gorgeous and if you can find the SinfulColors Halloween polishes, you’d do well to snap this one up!

SinfulColors Nail Colour in Nice Guise (Halloween 2016), swatch


SinfulColors Nail Color, 0.5 fl. oz. / 15 mL. MSRP US$1.99 / CA$2.99. They are made in the USA and are free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

SinfulColors was founded in 1991. The company was acquired by New York, NY, USA-based Revlon in 2011.


6 thoughts on “SinfulColors — Nice Guise (Halloween 2016 Nail Colour) Swatch & Review

  1. I’d be curious to know how this compares to Essie SSN. Hmm I’m not seeing the chameleon shifting colour in this shade? Is it one of those that mostly looks amazing in the bottle…

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    • Yeah, it’s not so much a color shifting polish as it is a microglitter with two shades of glitter! In bright light you can see both the blue and gold glitter, and at different angles sometimes you get a little more gold (so overall a more teal look) or a little more blue. It’s best in bright light. Overcast today and it’s just kind of a sparkly ink blue. It’s my pedi now 😀

      I prefer it to SSN but I never really dug that one too much. The silver sparkles in that one are too sparse for me!


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