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Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a swell Friday!

I’m going to be in the process of changing web hosts this weekend, so hopefully everything will go smoothly and both the blog and the nail polish database will be up and running properly by Monday.

My blog should still be working now, but there may be hiccups here and there (for example, right now my sometime image host is down, so some of my pics are not showing up).

I’m seriously toying with the idea of self-hosting with, like my other blog is. Part of the reason I set it up was to mess around with self-hosted WordPress, and I have to say I like it! The main drawback is then the blog can’t show up on WordPress Reader, unless you’re already subscribed to it, I believe. I think the benefits might outweight the cons, though.

Anyway, I won’t have a fivezero blog post up today (due to the image host issues), but I do have a Rolo candy review up at julesfifty, if you’re so inclined.

Cheers and thank you for reading!

16 thoughts on “News: fivezero@work

  1. There is a way to connect to wordpress reader, I did it for the shopping channel I used to work with, it’s actually pretty simple if you need help give me a shout, I’ll have to remind myself how I did it!

    You just can’t link the comments system up, but people will be able to see you’ve posted.

    Also thinking of moving to self hosted, I can’t decide which is the best route to go for. I know if i move self hosted I’ll constantly be tweaking the design (job hazard) instead of blogging though!

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    • Oh that is great to hear! I’ll look into it — if I can’t figure it out I’ll be pleading to you for assistance! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Yeah I know what you mean about the temptation to tweak! It’s just too easy to get sucked into that. “Oh THAT font looks nice…” I am pleased with how easy it is to muck around with the themes, though.

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  2. Good luck! I’m too scaredy to move to self hosted at the moment. I love the ease of commenting through Please do a post to document how you find the move to .org!

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    • Very true – commenting is easier this way. I’m just moving the web host for now. Might just keep the .com and .org blogs as they are for the time being.


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