Valcena Nutri-Lift Serum for Dry Skin

Valcena — Nutri-Lift Serum Review

Valcena Skincare

This is the third part of a series of Valcena reviews I will be doing! The following are Valcena products I’ve got in my queue. Starred (*) items are ones that have been sent to me by Valcena for review; the others I have purchased at Winners:

  1. Eau Lactée Cleansing Milk *
  2. Cleansing Gel
  3. Cleansing Scrub
  4. Éclat Anti-Age Face Mask (mini) *
  5. Roller Glacé Eye Contour Cream *
  6. Nutri-Lift Serum * (today’s review)
  7. Nutrition Absolue Day Care
  8. Multi Active Hydratante Day Cream *
  9. Multi Active Régénérante Night Cream
  10. Hydra Nourrissant Body Lotion *
  11. Rose Absolue EDT Natural Spray *

Valcena Paris were kind enough to send me a package of some of their most popular products for honest review.

Valcena Press Samples
Valcena Press Samples

Review of Valcena Nutri-Lift Serum

Today I will be reviewing an item they sent to me, Nutri-Lift Serum. Valcena make three different face serums: Action Jeunesse
Cream Serum, Anti-âge Cream Serum, and Nutri-Lift Serum. The first two seem to be meant for anti-aging; the Nutri-Lift is marketed specifically for dry skin. I was really pleased by this, because that’s my skin type, exactly! (Not that I couldn’t use anti-aging stuff, too, heh.)

The Nuti-Lift Serum‘s active ingredients are kombucha, argan oil, creatine, shea butter, and Damascena rose oil. This serum is recommended for use in concert with their Nutrition Absolue line of day and night creams.

From Valcena:

Nutri-Lift serum provides an immediate effect, leaving the skin soft and comfortable thanks to its exceptional trio oils – oil Shea, Argan oil and Rose oil. The skin is deeply nourished and regains the radiance of his youth. Its light texture and not greasy substance on contact with the skin.

The serum is packaged in a translucent jar made of sturdy plastic. The serum itself is contained in an opaque white jar inside, and the dispensing mechanism is a pump. The cap pulls off directly; you’ll want to ensure that you don’t attempt to twist it off (like I did with another Valcena pump product that I’ll review soon!).

Valcena Nutri-Lift Serum for Dry Skin
Valcena Nutri-Lift Serum for Dry Skin

Since Valcena’s products all seem to contain rose extract, this serum smells wonderful to this rose lover! It is well-scented, so the very sensitive-skinned should probably stay away, but I love scented products so this is just perfect for me! Valcena’s rose scent is a heavier rose, with a touch of lipstick about it, but it also has a watery aspect to it that reads as a dewy rose.

The cream itself is opaque white and has a light texture, almost like a gel. It smooths onto the skin and sinks in beautifully. It works really well just as a light moisturizer for days when I don’t need as much moisture.

Valcena Nutri-Lift Serum for Dry Skin
Valcena Nutri-Lift Serum for Dry Skin

I’ve been using this serum for about a month now, usually under one of Valcena’s Multi Active creams if I’m using a cream at all. I love that it doesn’t feel greasy at all—one reason why I don’t use a facial oil that often—and I do feel that my skin has gotten a bit smoother and more supple when I use it. I had no issues with breakouts or any allergic reactions. Liquid foundation also applies excellently over this serum.

If you find this at your local Winners/Marshalls/TJ Maxx/TK Maxx, I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re good with rose-fragranced skincare.

Valcena Nutri-Lift Serum for Dry Skin
Valcena Nutri-Lift Serum for Dry Skin


Valcena Nutri-Lift Serum comes in a 40 mL pump container. I do not know the official MSRP, but I have seen Valcena’s face creams retailing online for approximately GBP£22. I personally have found and purchased several Valcena skincare products at Winners (TJ Maxx/Marshalls) for CA$12.99. I’m not sure where this product is made, but I am guessing Bulgaria, since my Valcena face creams had that stickers on the wrappers (the press samples didn’t come with wrappers).

Valcena Paris was launched in 2010 and is based in Paris, France. The brand’s skincare products revolve around Damascena rose essence from the Balkan valley. The company’s products are free of parabens, preservatives, and added coloring. Valcena is cruelty-free.



3 thoughts on “Valcena — Nutri-Lift Serum Review

  1. Now I’m curious about what happens if you try to twist off the cap… 😛
    The design / pattern of the cap is so pretty! Reminds me of fancy Japanese skincare packaging. So glad that you’re noticing an effect on your skin. I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for this too!

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