New Release: The Face Shop — Disney Princess


Collection: The Face Shop, Spring 2017, Disney Princess

Korean brand The Face Shop has released a set of Disney-licensed nail polishes based on Disney Princess characters. The princesses represented are Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty & the Beast), Cinderella, Pocahontas, Rapunzel (Tangled), and Snow White.

The collection omits an Asian princess character, Mulan, and recent hit characters Anna and Elsa (Frozen). It’d have been kind of cool to see Merida (Brave) and Tiana (The Frog Princess), too, though I wasn’t too enamored of either of those movies.

Speaking of Belle, have you guys seen the poster for the upcoming live-action version of Disney’s Beauty & the Beast? I dig the casting of Dan Stevens (cuddly in Downton Abbey and awesome in The Guest) as the Beast and Luke Evans (I always think of him as “the hot version of Orlando Bloom”) as Gaston, even though every last inch of him probably isn’t covered in hair. At first I was a little underwhelmed with Emma Watson as Belle, but upon further reflection, I think she’s a fine choice. I haven’t really seen her act since the Harry Potter movies, though.

Ewan McGregor is downright comical looking in the poster. Can you spot him?

Disney's Beauty & the Beast (2017)

Anyway, here are swatches of the polishes, found at Cosmetic Love (referral link). The polishes are unfortunately all sold out there, though I don’t know if they are available at other online Korean shops.

Nothing too exciting, though these are fun to have if you like the characters:

The Face Shop Disney Princess collection, Spring 2017, swatches

Happy shopping!


11 thoughts on “New Release: The Face Shop — Disney Princess

  1. I just can’t get behind the live action version of this movie… no interest in seeing the characters “come to life”. The Belle doll that’s modeled after Emma Watson is hideous:

    It’s weird that Belle’s polish is PINK? Should be yellow!

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