Indie Nail Polish Haulage from Harlow & Co (November 2016)

Haulage! Harlow & Co (November 2016)

Well, I had a rough night so I have no swatch post written up for today.

I stupidly stayed up until 3 doing (mostly) some work and then little Olive, who had been so nicely sleeping through the night for a month, decided she would wake up at 4 in the morning and stay like that for an hour or so, instead of sleeping through to 7 or 8 like she usually does. Of course, both she and Peanut woke up at 7ish so I basically got an hour of sleep, and then about an hour and a half after that.

So here’s a haulage post! ‘Cause they’re pretty easy to do, ha!

I actually ordered this back in November but didn’t get around to even opening it until a week ago. (I know that’s a bad idea, just in case the wrong items were shipped. It’s a very bad habit I have.) It’s my first order from Canadian online nail polish retailer Harlow & Co. They were running a Black Friday sale, so I got my first two Colors by Llarowe and three more A Englands.

(By the way, Harlow & Co’s website doesn’t load when you type in “” without the “www.” I’ve emailed them about this—it’s a pretty quick fix—but they haven’t bothered. I never type in “www”, so this annoys me. Also I think it’s weird that they’re clearly a for-profit business with a .org domain. I guess someone’s squatting on

Here are my goodies!

Indie Nail Polish Haulage from Harlow & Co (November 2016)
Indie Nail Polish Haulage from Harlow & Co (November 2016)
  • A England Nail Varnish in Briar Rose / Sleeping Beauty
  • A England Nail Varnish in Her Rose Adagio
  • A England Nail Varnish in Rose Bower
  • Colors by Llarowe Nail Polish in Shiny Happy People
  • Colors by Llarowe Nail Polish in Tree of Lights

Obviously, I had hoped to swatch Tree of Lights in December, but that didn’t pan out! I’ll probably save it for next Christmas, hahaha!

Here are the labels:

Indie Nail Polish Haulage from Harlow & Co (November 2016)
Indie Nail Polish Haulage from Harlow & Co (November 2016)


I admit I don’t check out indie brands as much as I’d like to. Most of my indie polishes are by A England, and they’re just stellar, so you’d think I’d diversify! I think my hesitation is partly because I’m just not that into glitter, and a lot of them seem like they’re glitters.

Who makes your favorite indie nail polishes?


8 thoughts on “Haulage! Harlow & Co (November 2016)

  1. Aww sorry to hear about your lack of sleep! Remember, it’s only temporary! hope you get good quality sleep for the weekend!

    I only placed an order from Harlow recently (in my post tomorrow) and now that I know I have easy access to all these indie brands… TROUBLE! 😮 I’m with you – I’m more into shimmers / holos but not so much on the crazy glitters. I still haven’t tried Colors by Llarowe but it’s only a matter of time. I’d love to hear how you get on with them. And, the a england “Her Rose Adagio” is on my wish list! Such a Stashy shade…

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  2. My favorite indie brand is Cadillacquer, but they are spendy and do have lots of glitters. The color combinations are so weird and unique though, I feel like they don’t blend in with a lot of other indies. Same with a-england, their polishes are so stellar so why would you want to try anything else? :]

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  3. I absolutely love A England, they always seem to put out such high quality polishes! I really love KBShimmer, Pretty Serious, Cirque (if it counts as indie, I’m not sure, haha!) and piCture pOlish for other indies. All four brands have made polishes I really love and have had zero issues with.
    I love Harlow & Co. for their access to indies because otherwise I would definitely be missing out (my wallet might be a bit happier though…)


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