tarte — Maracuja Oil Review

I received this Deluxe (7 mL) bottle of tarte’s popular Maracuja Oil in a recent Ipsy bag, and I was so excited because I’d really been wanting to try it.

My skin has always been dry, but now that I’m in my late 30s, I have found it getting drier and flakier each winter. Using facial oil layered over my moisturizer has helped to keep my skin less dry.

In the past, I’ve tried Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil, Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil, Mitchell & Peach Fine Radiance Face Oil, and Cocoon Apothecary Organic Rosehip Oil Moisturizing Serum. My favorite by far has been the rosehip oil, which noticeably helps my skin to heal when it has redness and blemishes. The other oils have not been particularly outstanding—they work fine as oils to keep moisture in my skin, but there have been no other improvements to my skin’s appearance when using them.

tarte’s Maracuja Oil is derived from the Passiflora edulis plant, a species of passion flower native to Brazil. The oil itself is extracted from the seeds in the passion fruit.

Passion Fruit & Passion Flower
Mmmm, passion fruit.
Image: biologicalexceptions.blogspot.com

But maybe facial oils just aren’t really great for me, because tarte’s Maracuja Oil falls into the category with the others. I haven’t noticed anything different at all after a month of using this oil both directly on my face, over moisturizer, and mixed in with liquid foundation.

On the positive side, the oil itself sinks into the skin nicely (granted, my skin drinks up oil like a sponge—I always use a couple more drops of oil than the label advises) and I didn’t find there to be much of a scent. My rosehip oil, for example, has a very strong smell, but I put up with it since it works so well, and I only use it at night, anyway.

However, the best thing about this Deluxe Maracuja Oil is the packaging! The bottle is lovely and the cap is amazing. I would never have expected such a nice cap for a sample, but it has a wood-look cap with a metal nub on the top, which is depressed to squirt the product in and out of the glass dropper. I really want to try reusing this bottle for my rosehip oil, which comes in a huge bottle and its rubber dropper cap is starting to get a bit wonky.

So, to summarize, this oil was nothing special for me. I’ll happily use it up, though, but I look forward to trying the next few oils in my rotation: Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil and John Paul Selects Marula Facial Oil.

tarte Maracuja Oil, 7 mL Deluxe Size
tarte Maracuja Oil, 7 mL Deluxe Size
tarte Maracuja Oil, 7 mL Deluxe Size
tarte Maracuja Oil, 7 mL Deluxe Size


tarte Maracuja Oil comes in a 0.5 fl oz / 15 mL travel size (US$15/CA$19) and a 1.7 fl oz / 50 mL full size (US$48/CA$60). My Deluxe sample size is 0.23 fl oz / 7 mL; it is made in Brazil and filled in Taiwan. tarte is cruelty-free.

tarte was founded by Maureen Kelly in 2000. The company is based in New York, NY, USA.

🇧🇷Made in Brazil
🇹🇼Filled in Taiwan
🇺🇸Company based in USA

16 thoughts on “tarte — Maracuja Oil Review

    • Yeah, I think in the end I’ll just use whichever plant seed oil works best for me at the health food store. I don’t think it’s necessary to spend loads of money on the fancy ones since they mostly seem to behave the same way on me.

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  1. My take on a lot of the facial oils is if they don’t break me out – great! But lots of them are just “nice” and help to provide an extra boost of moisture and a barrier. I’ve got a sample of this too – can’t wait to test it out.

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    • Yes, some are so…expensive. I have one that contains like, safflower oil and shit. I’m like, bitch I can get that at the grocery. I’m pretty sure maracuja oil is sold for less than tarte’s at health food stores and stuff! Hope you like the Maracuja!


  2. I enjoyed this sample myself. I like that it’s not greasy on my skin. I mix this with my moisturizer for a boost of “moisture” and hydration especially that it’s really cold and skin gets dry a lot! this didn’t break me out too which is a huge plus! I go back and forth with this Maracuja oil and my Bio-Oil. Love this review!👍🏻😍

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  3. I have normal to try skin, but I absolutely love this oil. I use it on days when my skin is extra dry, and then apply moisturizer or just go straight to my foundation. I love that, like you said, it just sinks into the skin – it doesn’t sit on top and make you feel like a grease ball.

    Are you careful that your foundation isn’t making the problem worse – or even some of your other skincare items? I had to switch foundations because the one I was using that was created for hydrating your skin, was actually making my dry skin worse.


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    • That is a great point about the foundation! I should probably pay more attention to that — in this case I don’t think it’s my foundation since they’re ones I’ve used for quite some time. I think I definitely do need to drink more water 🙂 but a lot of it is just this awful dry winter air! Thank you for the tip!

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  4. i tried this when I received a full-size from Boxycharm, but it had a gradual self-tanner in it. So I wasn’t really into it. I think I might have a smaller size one stashed in a drawer that is just the regular one. I can’t remember if I kept it or not lol.


  5. That’s a shame! It’s hard to find an oil that suits, when I do find one I stick to it. I recently tested a cult facial oil, it didn’t work … Just smells amazing 😂


  6. I have a little sample size of this that I’m trying to use up and I like it best mixed into matte/drier foundations, particularly in the Winter months when my skin is drier. I find it helps it from clinging to dry patches and looking cakey throughout the day. The thing I like most about it is that it doesn’t make my sensitive skin breakout. I’ve only ever tried Argan Oil and that definitely did not work for me. I’ve heard good things about rosehip oil though, might have to give that a try!


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