New Release: SinfulColors — Desert Divas (Spring 2017)

Collection: SinfulColors 2017 Spring, Desert Divas

SinfulColors’ has released yet another Spring 2017 collection, Desert Divas.

It consists of 9 new, limited edition Stoned Crystal Shimmers. These polishes contain flakes, giving nails the look of stone.

  • Thera-Pewter (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering slate grey)
  • Tealing Power (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering teal)
  • Super Cooper (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering sage green)
  • Namaste the Night (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering deep plum)
  • Just Deserts (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering neutral)
  • Gotta Terra Cotta (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering russet)
  • Desert Reign (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering soft rose)
  • Clay Me (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering copper)
  • Better Sedona-ed (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering pastel blue)

Thera-Pewter, Tealing Power, Super Cooper

Namaste the Night, Just Deserts, Gotta Terra Cotta

Desert Reign, Clay Me, Better Sedona-ed

Happy shopping!


8 thoughts on “New Release: SinfulColors — Desert Divas (Spring 2017)

  1. I hadn’t seen the press release for this collection yet and did not realize there was a green… I thought I had gotten all the ones I wanted, guess it’s time to go back to Walgreens!

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