New Releases: SinfulColors × Kandee Johnson — Pretty Vintage & Vintage Anime (Spring 2017)

Collections: SinfulColors × Kandee Johnson 2017 Spring, Pretty Vintage and Vintage Anime

Finally, to round off the new Spring 2017 SinfulColors collections, here are two sets released in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist Kandee Johnson. All the shades are sugar-textured, matte, holographic, or iridescent.

Pretty Vintage consists of 3 new shades of Sugar-textured polishes and 9 new shades of Matte polishes in the regular Nail Color line.

  • Pink Sugar (Sugar: sparkling pink)
  • Mint Sugar (Sugar: sparkling mint & gold)
  • Pink Velvet (Sugar: sparkling rosy pink & gold)
  • Cherry On Top (Matte: shimmering maraschino cherry)
  • Licorice (Matte: shimmering black & gold)
  • Peaches N’ Cream (Matte: peach)
  • Strawberry Milk (Matte: pastel pink)
  • Mint Chip (Matte: vintage green)
  • Kanfetti (Matte: pastel blue, pink & green sparkling glitter)
  • Candy Hearts (Matte: powder blue)
  • Pin Up Pink (Matte: fuchsia pink)
  • Whipped Frosting (Matte: shimmery white)

Pink Sugar (Sugar), Mint Sugar (Sugar), Pink Velvet (Sugar)

Cherry On Top (Matte), Licorice (Matte), Peaches N’ Cream (Matte)

Strawberry Milk (Matte), Mint Chip (Matte), Kanfetti (Matte)

Candy Hearts (Matte), Pin Up Pink (Matte), Whipped Frosting (Matte)

Vintage Anime consists of 12 new shades of iridescent and holographic polishes in the regular Nail Color line.

  • Rock Kandee (vibrant purple holographic glitter)
  • Kandee Pink (iridescent pink glitter)
  • Urban Magic (silver holographic glitter)
  • Kiss Goodnight (baby blue iridescent)
  • Dripping in Pearls (white-gold pearlescent)
  • Spoon Full of Sugar (pink metallic glitter)
  • Digital Dreams (iridescent white glitter)
  • Mermaid Tail (blue & green iridescent)
  • Flip Tease (pastel turquoise iridescent)
  • Heart of Gold (gold holographic glitter)
  • Blueberry Hot Rod (blue & fuchsia iridescent)
  • Pinksicle (baby pink iridescent)

Rock Kandee, Kandee Pink, Urban Magic

Kiss Goodnight, Dripping in Pearls, Spoon Full of Sugar

Digital Dreams, Mermaid Tail, Flip Tease

Heart of Gold, Blueberry Hot Rod, Pinksicle

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5 thoughts on “New Releases: SinfulColors × Kandee Johnson — Pretty Vintage & Vintage Anime (Spring 2017)

  1. Don’t care for the mattes but I’m curious about the Vintage Anime ones! Will have to see in person – these CGI renderings are suspect.


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