New Release: Orly — La La Land (Spring 2017)

Collection: Orly 2017 Spring, La La Land

Orly’s Spring 2017 collection, La La Land, appears to be hitchhiking on the coattails of the hit movie of the same name; I don’t think the film is affiliated with this collection. “La-La Land” is a common enough phrase, though, and Orly is based in Los Angeles, after all!

The collection consists of six new shades: one holographic glitter and five pastel creams:

  • Anything Goes (holo opal glitter)
  • As Seen On TV (lilac creme)
  • Big City Dreams (mint green creme)
  • Cool In California (poppy pink creme)
  • Forget Me Not (pastel blue creme)
  • Head In the Clouds (light pink creme)

Anything Goes, As Seen On TV

Big City Dreams, Cool In California

Forget Me Not, Head In the Clouds

It’s not the most exciting collection, but it’s spring-pretty and a nice way to get geared up for the Oscars tonight! I imagine La La Land will pick up a fair number of statuettes.

Happy shopping!



4 thoughts on “New Release: Orly — La La Land (Spring 2017)

  1. I was going to say – if this is a collab with the movie, it’s kind of late! But you’re right “la la land” is pretty generic. As are the colours this collection!


  2. Nice pretty spring colours but not sure they stand out as a collaboration for a movie to me, just a standard spring collection. I do like the purple, but then I’m a sucker for purples and already probably have too many!


  3. I want to see swatches of those two colours, seems coincidental that the film has just come out, however I imagine if they were really trying to ride off the back of the collection there would be a bright purple and yellow, just because they’re colours which stand out from the poster!


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