Foundation Swatches, & Nail Polish, at the Drugstore (March 2017)

I had some time to kill at a couple of drugstores recently, while I hunted for a new foundation, so here are more foundation swatches I did, plus some photos of new collections I spotted.

Brands covered: Cutex, Joe Fresh, L’Oréal, Pixi by Petra, Sensationail, and Vasanti.

First, the foundation swatches!

Joe Fresh – Daily Boost Fluid Foundation


This foundation seemed a little too shiny, but the consistency was pretty nice and smooth. It’s not too thick nor too pigmented. I appear to be in-between shades Bisque and Sand. Sand looks like it’d be a nice summer foundation for me. The three shades I swatched are all quite yellow-based, no peachiness.

Joe Fresh Daily Boost Fluid Foundation
Swatches of Bisque, Sand, & Almond
Joe Fresh Daily Boost Fluid Foundation
Swatches of Bisque, Sand, & Almond

L’Oréal – Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation


I really liked the texture of this foundation: not too liquidy and it blended into my dry skin nicely. The finish was very pretty and natural-looking. I’ve had luck with some other L’Oréal liquid foundations (True Match and True Match Lumi), so I think I’ll have to try this one, soon. $20 on sale is still a bit much, though. What’s going on at the drugstore?!

Both shades I tried, Nude Beige (203) and Natural Buff (204), initially looked like good matches. However, the more I blended Natural Buff (204), the more it turned peachy, so I would personally go with Nude Beige (203).

L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation
Swatches: Natural Buff (204), Nude Beige (203)
L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation
Swatches: Natural Buff (204), Nude Beige (203)

Vasanti – Liquid Cover Up


This product is actually a concealer + foundation in one, so you do get less product than with a regular foundation. Naturally, it has a less liquid, and more creamy, rich texture. I am once again in-between shades LV2 and LV3 (which, as usual for the deeper shade, also runs a touch too orange for my skintone). It’s a shame because I really liked the feel of this one. I might pick one up, anyway, and try to get the right shade by mixing it with a foundation I already own.

Vasanti Liquid Cover Up
Swatches: LV2, LV3
Vasanti Liquid Cover Up
Swatches: LV2, LV3

Pixi by Petra – H2O Skin Tint Tinted Face Gel


This product is pretty pricy for the drugstore, and I have to say I really disliked the feel of it when I swatched the colors. It was very runny, almost like it had a greasy feel, even though it wasn’t. I couldn’t blend this into my skin without it streaking. It’s just not for me and myy dry skin, at all.
The three shades are Cream, Nude, and Warm; Nude was a good match for my skin. All three shades are yellow-toned.

Pixi by Petra H2O Skin Tint Tinted Face Gel
Swatches: Cream, Nude, Warm

Here are pictures of the full display I saw earlier at a different Shoppers location:

Pixi by Petra – Canadian prices
Pixi by Petra – Canadian prices
Pixi by Petra – Canadian prices

Cutex – Care + Color


Cutex is back! I remember them selling these really crappy polishes back in the 90s. These, which I spotted at Rexall, look better, but they’re really quite pricy for the image of Cutex I have in my head (I think these are around CA$10!). The very old Cutex brand, established in 1911, has switched hands a few times over the years; they were most recently acquired in 2016 by Revlon. It’s funny that the new Cutex look reminds me more of Sally Hansen than Revlon.

Cutex Care + Color
Cutex Care + Color
Cutex Care + Color

Sensationail – Peel Off Polish


Finally, I spotted this display and nearly bought one (either the black cream or the gold glitter), but then I came to my senses and realized that I do not like the idea of peel-off nail polish!

You can also catch a glimpse of a new Quo by Orly collection on the right of this photo. I totally missed that—oh well. It looks like it’s called Day Dreamer, but they don’t have a dedicated website so I never know about the Quo collections.

Sensationail Peel Off Polish

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Foundation Swatches, & Nail Polish, at the Drugstore (March 2017)

  1. I’m going to say my quick soapbox piece: for foundation matching, swatching on the face along your jawline is much more indicative of a match than on your hand! 😛
    I had that Vasanti Liquid Cover Up in V2 ages ago. It’s a nice formula BUT that packaging is TERRIBLE. The product leaks all around the mouth of the tube – ick.
    Wow that Pixi is $34?! That’s getting into Clinique territory, isn’t it?
    Did you pick up any Cutex polishes?
    Great post, I felt like I was shopping with you! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • ITA about testing on the face/jawline being best, but I cannot bear to put any testers on my actual face 😀 I’ve seen people do lipstick and it’s like….😝
      I do have a good idea of how my favorite foundations look on my hand, so I try to extrapolate from there. It’s not as good, obviously, but usually works out OK. Trickier in summer with tans, though!
      Oh that sucks about the Vasanti packaging. A squeeze tube actually seemed like it would work well.
      And yeah, the Pixi prices…eeeek.
      No Cutex for me, yet; I’ll see if they go on sale or if I get a Rexall coupon…my Rexall is a little annoying so I don’t go there too much.


  2. Nice. I’ve been looking at the Joe Fresh foundations, but haven’t worked up the nerve to buy one.
    Drugstore prices, esp for foundations, are getting crazy. Pixi prices had me cringing – just put them in the Beauty Boutique next to Clinique and Benefit, and stop trying to convince us they’re in the same boat at CoverGirl and Maybelline. (I say this as someone who has actually purchased a couple Pixi products, while still being gobsmacked by the prices.)


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