Haulage! beautyBOUTIQUE.ca by Shoppers Drug Mart (March 2017)

Well, my husband and I have basically spent the last several days cleaning up vomit, snot, and poop. Thanks, norovirus! Seriously, neither of us ever got this horrible bug until a few years ago, and suddenly it’s an annual thing. Of course, now that Peanut’s in preschool, life is an apocalypse movie every other weekend, too.

At this point, everyone has gotten sick but me, so I’m running on very little sleep and very little food (because I’m afraid I’m going to come down with symptoms soon and would rather not have to puke it all back). I’ve also been washing my hands a hundred times a day, so it’s eczema city on my hands, too. I sincerely hope you are all keeping healthy, because this sucks.

Here’s a haul post, because I haven’t been able to find the will to do very much else!

As I mentioned last week, Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada has been handing out $10 gift cards to their online beauty store, beautyBOUTIQUE, and well—I’ve been taking advantage.

Today and tomorrow, March 7–8, Shoppers are also running a Spend Your Points Plus promo in the form of a coupon you load onto your Optimum Card. I do not know whether this works online at beautyBOUTIQUE (their Twitter staff didn’t seem to know), but I redeemed my points, anyway, since I kind of wanted to use up the third $10 gift card I got. If the points don’t get added later on, I’ll just give the beautyBOUTIQUE people a shout to see if they’ll give me the bonus points.

Here’s what I hauled after redeeming 95k points. I spent CA$184, so in the end I paid $4 plus the tax on $184, which came to just under $27. Also, don’t forget that ebates.ca works with beautyBOUTIQUE, too! It’s 4% cashback today.

  • Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Androgyne
  • Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Tulle
  • Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Washed Denim
  • Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Coromandel
  • Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Honey
  • Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Petal Shimmer

The Chanels are all from a new spring collection (the only one I didn’t get was Emblématique, a deep maroon/red).

Free Samples:

  • Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream (sample)
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina In Fiore EDT (sample)
  • Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate (sample)

Happy shopping! What’s on your SDM shopping list?

If you need some ideas, here are links to my past Optimum Points hauls:


14 thoughts on “Haulage! beautyBOUTIQUE.ca by Shoppers Drug Mart (March 2017)

  1. I hope you continue to stay healthy!!!

    Washed Denim looks absolutely gorgeous in the bottle, hopefully that translates to the nail.

    This is super random, but I just discovered your other blog and am ecstatic that you are also a Liverpool fan! :]

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I seem to have avoided getting sick, for now. Whew!

      I should swatch Washed Denim as soon as I get it – it’s the most interesting one of the three.

      And hey, thanks for checking out the other blog! How cool we are both fans of the same team?! Great minds 👍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I hope you’re feeling better, I had norovirus last year and I don’t want to ever have it again!
    I’m going to a local independent department store tonight that’s completely selling everything and starting again. I’m hoping to get my hands on a Chanel polish, FINALLY! Washed out denim looks lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh no, norovirus! 😦 Sorry that Oprah image is funny. 😛 How does one prevent norovirus? I’ve basically be OD-ing on vitamin C and zinc for the past few weeks. EVERYONE around me are sick! I keep feeling like I’m fighting something but haven’t gotten full blown sick.

    Oh man, you’re really taking advantage of the Optimum Points deals – awesome haul! The Chanel polish in Washed Denim looks great! And ooh you picked up 2 of my favourite Clarins products – your lips are going to feel so pampered!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay, I have heard such wonderful things about these Clarins lip treatments (actually I have a fairly long wishlist of Clarins…) so I’m glad you like them, too.

      Norovirus – staying away from people works best for me. LOL. I noticed as soon as I started not having to take the subway to work, I no longer got sick anywhere near as much. Now, of course, I just get it after the husband or the kid brings it home. If someone vomits on you, that’s pretty much it. UGH.

      Getting a lot of sleep helps – and of course I haven’t been doing that, like, ever. Sometimes, when I feel like I am coming down with something, I just drop everything, rehydrate like crazy, and SLEEP. It always seems to work for cold/flu-like symptoms.


  4. OMG Norovirus is absolutely horrible – I had that last year and I wanted to die – I’ve never felt worse in my life. I hope you are all feeling better soon!

    I’m trying to work my way up to 95,000 points but I feel like it’s going to take me forever. Looks like you redeemed your points well! 🙂


  5. Youa re lucky … 90% of what I wanted to use my gift card and points on were out of stock — delectable. Bio-beaute. So freaking frustrated.


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