Zoya’s Annual Earth Day Exchange 2017

Just a reminder to everyone that Zoya’s annual Earth Day Exchange is running from April 10–May 10 this year. Earth Day takes place on April 22, 2017.

Donate or safely dispose of your old nail polish—older polishes are particularly bad for the environment due to toxic chemicals like toluene and phthalates, which leach into the groundwater. You have the option of donating your old polish, mailing your old polish to Zoya, or dropping them off at your local Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) location (EPA link, Canadian link). My city, Toronto, holds Community Environment Days at various locations, and I like to save up my electronic waste and HHW for when an event is held in my neighborhood.

Details from Zoya:

Once you receive your order, decide if you are going to send in your unwanted polishes or donate them to a local cause. We are using the honor code to make sure you get your Zoya Nail Polish as quickly as possible! Offer is not contingent on customer returning polish. If you do choose to send us your old polish, we promise to properly dispose of it according to environmental guidelines. If you choose to ship back polishes, please include a copy of your invoice with your order and make sure to comply with the shipping guidelines by your carrier of choice. You do not have to send us the exact amount of bottles that you are ordering, there is no limit! Please note: You will need to check with your carrier of choice for guidelines and restrictions on shipping nail polish.

Use the code EARTHLUV to receive 50% off your purchase of 6–24 bottles of nail polish (salons must purchase 12–48 bottles). Excluded from the promotion are Zoya Treatments and Naked Manicure Base and Top Coats. Shipping is free, though there is an ~$10 processing fee for Canadian addresses. This promotion is open to Continental US and Canadian customers only.

I’ve just placed my order (Amira, Claudine, Lacey, Logan, Millie, and Zara; I also got 3 “fun sized” bottles—Cece, Neely, and Temperance—from their Easter promo, which are 7 mL and $6 each, though the current deal is 3/$10 and the Earth Day 50% off doesn’t work on top of that; the mini bottle of Remove Plus is a freebie). I didn’t realize until just now that I got a lot of green in my order! Earth Day must have been on my mind! 🌎

Zoya Earth Day Exchange 2017, fivezero's order

fivezero’s Zoya Earth Day Exchange order, 2017

As I’m not yet ready to organize old polishes to toss/donate, I will be making donations to the Environmental Defense Fund (US-based) and the Nature Conservancy of Canada for my part of the exchange this year.

Today, it has become especially imperative that we fight for our planet.

Climate change is not a hoaxnor is it a joke.

[Relevant xkcd.]

Zoya Earth Day Exchange 2017

Images: zoya.com

6 thoughts on “Zoya’s Annual Earth Day Exchange 2017

  1. I was just thinking about this the other day, wondering if it was still going on. Do you remember all the shenanigans with Mentality Polish some years back? Long story short, they had a run of bad products, then bad publicity, and then they closed up shop. Anyhow, at the time everybody was chomping at the bit to return their Mentality products to Zoya to take advantage of this sale! I wonder what ever became of that…as for MY Mentality polishes (which were not part of the bad polish recall, although I still side-eye them pretty hard), I used them the other day to hand paint some details on some cardboard Easter eggs. Not a bad use for old polish, actually.

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  2. Good score… I have Zara and it is gorgeous!
    I have to find a place to dispose of my old polishes safely… I wonder if there are locations downtown I can drop bags of nail polishes off at?

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    • Yes, Zara’s been on my list forever and I’m finally getting it b/c of your review 🙂

      I’ve tried looking for places downtown to donate used polish, but I can only find places that accept new cosmetics. If you don’t mind just tossing them, there are HHW centers downtown (I think I linked to the Toronto page in my post). But I always feel like someone can use them…! Waste not, etc., haha!


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