One Lovely Blog Award

The One Lovely Blog Award

This is straight-up embarrassing, but I was nominated for this award 1½ years ago, and I never got around to doing it! I have a minor backlog of these awards/tags, so I’m going to finish them up on Tag Tuesdays, starting today!

Becca-Anne Beauty first nominated me for this award; she hasn’t blogged for about a year now, but she still has some great makeup and beauty posts on her site!

Then, earlier this month, I was nominated for the same award by Meg Kem Magic, who’s a relatively new blogger (like, a month old!) so please go check out her lovely beauty blog!

Thanks so much to both Becca-Anne and Meg! 😁

The One Lovely Blogger Award stipulates that I need to share 7 facts about myself. Since I’m combining two nominations in one post, I’ll do 14 facts.

The One Lovely Blog Award

The rules for this award are as follows:

  • Thanking the person that nominated you and leaving a link to their blog
  • Posting about the award
  • Sharing seven facts about yourself
  • Nominating at most 15 people
  • Letting your nominees know that they’ve been nominated

7 14 Facts About Myself

I hope I haven’t repeated any of these from previous posts!


My favorite color was red, for the longest time. Several years ago, I somehow no longer felt like it was, and I do not currently have a favorite color. I can find most every color appealing—it just has to be used the right way!


Blue cheese is my favorite kind of cheese. Cashel Blue and Saint Agur are my favorites of the blues I’ve tried (I’ve gone through Auvergne, Bénédictin, Bresse, Cambozola, Gorgonzola, Maytag, Météorite, Roquefort, Stilton, and a few others). Both are so buttery and creamy, and not the most pungent blues you’ll find, so they’re great entry-level blues, too. I really should try some more, but these two are so yummy and readily available where I am that I tend not to stray!

Blue cheese section of the Cheese Wall at Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws, Toronto, ON, Canada
Blue cheese section of the Cheese Wall at Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws


I am a very heavy sleeper. I have slept through fire alarms, entire movies, on the subway, and with construction right outside my window. My hearing’s fine, too.


I suffer from occasional mild eczema and dyshidrosis. It typically affects my right hand, presumably because I am right-handed so that hand comes into contact with more soap, cleansers, etc., than my left hand does. It’s flared up a lot more over the last couple of years now that I have little kids and have to wash my hands constantly. Luckily, I swatch on my left!


15°C/60°F is my favorite temperature for being outdoors. A bit warmer and I start to get uncomfortable. I’d rather it was freezing than 30°C/85°F. You can always layer up if it gets cold, but if it’s too hot, there’s nothing for it.


I avert my eyes during horror movie trailers. I’m a chicken!


I took an online Myers-Briggs test years ago (yeah, yeah) and I’m supposedly an INFP. I swear I am not as touchy-feely as the description makes me sound. I’m just maddeningly introverted and highly principled! Apparently, we only make up about 4% of the population. We’re so quiet that you probably wouldn’t notice, anyway.

Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson, softball builds character
Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson


I only missed one block in this color perception test. Damn blue-greens.


I have been looking for the perfect red sweater for many years. Several years ago, I bought a Zara one as a stopgap. It was a good price but didn’t tick all the right boxes: not a v-neck, too chunky, a little too scratchy, has weird gold buttons, and not quite the right shade of red—yeah, I’m not sure why I bought it, either. I’ve still not been able to find my HG sweater.
Zara Cable Stitch Sweater, red


I’ve been living in Canada for over fifteen years now, and I still think the money looks like it’s from a Monopoly set, and All Dressed chips are nasty. However, toonies (which were introduced shortly after I came to Canada) and poutine are amazing.

Peanut at the blue poutine truck (Mr. Tasty Fries) outside City Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada
Peanut at the blue poutine truck outside Toronto City Hall


The first CD I ever bought was U2’s Achtung Baby (1991). Here’s “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?”, though every damn song on this album is great. (Don’t ask me what my first two cassettes were.)


I have two brand new, bubble-wrapped, identical toilet brush holders sitting on my shelf because last summer, Hudson’s Bay twice sent me the toilet brush I ordered, but they failed to send the brush. I just decided to stop shopping with them as much. Now I don’t know what to do with the two holders, because I hate wasting stuff but I don’t know if I can buy a single toilet brush separately to use with them. (Obviously, I’m starting to run out of random facts.)


I got into watching soccer during the 2002 World Cup, jointly hosted by South Korea and Japan. I was totally hooked (the third-place match between Turkey and South Korea remains one of the most entertaining I’ve seen) and supported Germany in the final because of their scary, madcap goalkeeper and incredibly efficient striker. (Brazil won.) Now, I follow local side Toronto FC and Premier League team Liverpool FC—fave players from the latter are Reina, Kuyt and Alonso (sob!)—though I’m also fairly jaded about the loathsome antics of FIFA.

Blue cheese section of the Cheese Wall at Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws, Toronto, ON, Canada
Gerrard, Alonso, and Mascherano. Now that was a midfield. Liverpool vs AC Milan in the 2006-07 Champions League Final, May 2007. Watched the match at a pub in England. Sadly, Milan won. Pepe Reina, Dirk Kuyt, Xabi Alonso, Daniel Agger, Jamie Carragher, Javier Mascherano; Steve Finnan, Bolo Zenden, Steven Gerrard, John Arne Riise, Jermaine Pennant. (OK, I had to look up Zenden; I had a brain fart and forgot what he looked like.)


Celebrities randomly show up in my dreams (but never sexytimes dreams!) and play small parts in my long-ass dream epics. It’s often celebrities I’ve not thought about for years, so it makes little sense. A selection:

  • Ed Harris. Actually just a weirdo who looked exactly like Ed Harris; it was a mute psycho who jumped up and down slowly like a frog, and chased my friend and me in an empty, dystopian-looking mall.
  • Denzel Washington. The dream was something like Casablanca—everyone was dressed like it’s the 1940s and eveything’s all classic black and white movie. I’m having my dream, probably wearing a hat, waiting for my husband in some gigantic airplane hangar, and suddenly Mr. Washington walks by and I’m like, “Oh, look, it’s Denzel Washington” for a second. Story continues with no further detail about the cameo.
  • Eddie Vedder. Sold me shoes; as I exit the shoe store, some jackass runs by and steals my goddamn shoes. I proceed to chase him down and beat the everliving crap out of him. (Yeah, that’s realistic.) I don’t even particularly like Pearl Jam.
  • Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson in Fringe character, doing badass things and stopping crime while I just tagged along and didn’t help at all. Wish John Noble had shown up.
  • And finally, Mads Mikkelsen, Gillian Anderson (both in character from Hannibal), and Jordan Henderson (a Liverpool FC player) all in the same creepy dream set in an underground lair with no apparent exit and one bathroom. Dr. Bedelia du Maurier and I try to warn everyone that there’s a serial killer in our midst, but no one heeds us and Hannibal ends up murdering a bunch of people. He slits Henderson’s throat just before I wake up.

My nightmares are in particular hilariously nonsensical.

My Nominations

I am nominating 14 bloggers who’ve recently given me a follow/comment! Thanks again to Becca-Anne and Meg for the nomination.

  1. Adventures of Sweet Monday
  2. A Beautiful Thing
  3. Beauty and the Ballroom
  4. Beauty by a Dutch Girl
  5. Cherry’s Beauty Blog
  6. Claire Talks Beauty
  7. Draconic Distractions
  8. Faded Rouge
  9. Fashion Set Us Free
  10. Makeup and Meena
  11. Organic Is Beautiful
  12. Pretty Ruff Life
  13. Riyasolanki
  14. Sassy Girl’s Journey

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

24 thoughts on “The One Lovely Blog Award

  1. I haven’t read your blog on my desktop for ages, so I haven’t seen the sneaky little picture you added of yourself! I actually never knew what fivezero stood for since I just read your about page! We’d look a comedy pair walking down the street with me at 5 11!
    You have such a good memories with dreams, I never seem to remember mine – what the hell is with that last dream! Your toilet brush fact is something I definitely would do, our loft is like a hommage to things I have bought and don’t know what to do with, and also hate wasting things. It’s rare I will throw a beauty product away because I don’t like it, I will use that badboy up until it’s gone and hate every second of it haha.
    Loved getting to know you more!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha! My sneaky picture was only just posted the other day. I was thinking how I like seeing bloggers’ pics, so I put a kinda half face up. Still want to preserve some level of anonymity.
      And yeah I am SHORT! You’re an Amazon princess. We’d look like some terrible buddy cop movie together.
      I only remember the really crazy dreams. There are other weird ones but they didn’t include celebs. The last one I mentioned is the most recent crazy one. I mean, Henderson isn’t THAT bad a player.
      And LOL I’m glad to have found a kindred spirit with regard to hanging on to bits and bobs. I have a whole Sterilite container labeled “Might need it one day”. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have strange dreams with celebs too, even ones I don’t like. It’s weird what happens when we let our minds run free lol. Thank you for the nomination ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re very welcome! I was going to post it on your blog but got delayed. Glad you saw the pingback! 😀

      Also glad I’m not the only one with odd celeb dreams. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG, this is golden! Your post is so entertaining that it inspired me to comment on all your facts… so yeah, now that you’ve written sooo much, you have to read even more…

    OK, let’s go!
    I don’t have a favourite colour either. 🙂
    I don’t care for cheese.
    I’m a light sleeper, my husband is a heavy sleeper. This isn’t always great…

    I too have eczema and dishydrosis. I have the most random eczema flare-ups, and sometimes it can get pretty severe… in regards to dishydrosis… I don’t think my dishydrosis is triggered by chemicals, soaps or whatever. I think mine is stress-related… I guess it’s different for everyone.

    I love hot summers – and I fear the cold.
    I don’t watch horror movies. Too scary. I’d rather watch cartoons.
    I’ve never heard of the Myers-Briggs test, but I’m curious!
    I had a look at that colour perception test… I stared at the columns for 30 seconds, then I moved a few tiles, then I gave up.

    I don’t wear sweaters because the sleeves are always too short. I’m 6’1”. 🙂
    I think the UK’s new £5 bank note looks like Monopoly money!
    I don’t remember the first CD I’ve bought…

    About the toilet brush holders… these would have been perfect for Secret Santa! You could either wrap them up as 1 present. Or… (and this is what I would do!) wrap them up as 2 separate Secret Santa gifts for 2 people. So people will be confused when one person gets 2 gifts – but who cares?! It’s part of the fun! 🙂
    Alternatively, can you use these toilet brush holders around the house?

    I’ve never been into football and neither is my husband (yeah, I feel lucky!). I am, however, a total tennis nut.

    You have the weirdest and the most amazing dreams! I rarely dream of celebrities, I think. But I can’t be sure because it’s rare that I remember my dreams. But I do remember one amazing dream… I once dreamt of James Spader. He was overweight and in need of a haircut – and he was my boyfriend. 😀
    When I woke up I was confused. I never fancied him, and I was trying to figure out why I had a sexy Spader dream. And after a few hours I thought… can it be? Is James Spader hot? I then spent my entire lunch break googling photos of him. And I felt weird all afternoon. And on the way home I realised that I had a crush on him. In case you’re wondering, this was a few years ago, and I still have a major crush on James Spader…

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHAHAHA. I have to comment on everything you just wrote, too. 😉

      Eczema is so annoying. I can see some of mine being stress-induced, too. If I haven’t slept enough, my skin just goes crazy. I currently have eczema on my right pinky and it’s causing cracks in my skin now and then, ugh. 😦

      I cannot believe you are SO TALL! Whoooooa! I have the opposite problem, as you can imagine: sleeves are often too long for me. Coats are the worst! I almost always wear my sweaters with the sleeves rolled up, so they don’t look stupidly long.

      LOL @ the Secret Santa suggestion. I have also wondered if I can repurpose them, but they’re oddly shaped. They look a little like votive holders, except they’re plastic so that obv wouldn’t work.

      I am not a real tennis fan but do watch it if it’s on. Can’t stand the constant grunting that some players do, though.

      And Oh. My. Gosh. I looooooove James Spader!!! LMAO. So hot. I mean now he’s kinda…middle-aged looking. Still cool though. 🙂 Hahahahahahaha! Secretary is my fave movie of his.

      Thanks for your equally entertaining comment! 😀


  4. Haha I’ve got tags / awards in draft mode that are from years ago too… it’s gotten to the point where I’m embarrassed to even post them now. 😛
    I think that as I grew older, I’m more inclined to give more colours equal consideration. I do still lean more toward purples and blues though. 😛
    Oh dear… blue cheese is the devil. It seems to be very trendy to put blue cheese on EVERYTHING now. Ugh.
    I’ll have to dig out my Myers Briggs but I’m pretty sure mine is ISFJ… 😛 I’m a “Protector Guardian”.
    Hey, maybe you need a hand-knitted red sweater! 😉
    I think my first CD was Ace of Base… LMAO
    I loved reading about your dreams hahah! You obviously consume too much media, that’s my thinking. Celebrities rarely show up in my dreams…
    And hey, I SEE you… that must be a new addition, your cropped photo! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • You should go back and do the tags! 😀 Yours are always very enlightening.

      So you don’t like pumpkin AND you don’t like blue cheese? I don’t think I can talk to you anymore. 😄

      I just looked up INFP again and it’s described as “The Mediator”. “Protector Guardian” sounds cooler!

      Hehehe I am not worthy of a hand-knitted sweater!

      Oh God, The Sign was such a good song but it was the definition of overplayed.

      To be fair, I have a lot of dreams and the celeb ones are just a minority of them. But yeah I think the visuals from TV and movies have a lot of effect on my dreams.


      Liked by 1 person

        • LOL it just goes to show these things are funny! So, years ago (6-7 maybe) I took a different test from the one in that link, and I got INFP, which seemed fairly close to my personality.

          Now I took this one, and I got ISTP-A “Virtuoso” (I have to figure out what the -A means, apparently it can be -A or -T). LMAO. I mean, I can see that maybe I changed a bit in personality since then, with major life events happening in between. And, maybe I’ve gotten more assertive with age. But that’s a pretty big change!

          Either way I’m still super introverted. :p

          The Advocate sounds like an excellent personality! You rarity! 😀


          • Ah OK. The A is for Assertive (self-assured, even-tempered and resistant to stress), T is for Turbulent (self-conscious and sensitive to stress). I think I feel more like a T for sure, and I definitely was as a younger person. I’ve been working for years on becoming less self-conscious, so maybe it’s been paying off. 😀

            Liked by 2 people

          • Mine had a -T… don’t know what that means either.

            I do think ISTP suits you well! You’re right, major life changes can certainly affect your way of thinking. I like that now it describes you as relaxed and great in a crisis! Being a mom can certainly help in those! 😉

            Liked by 1 person

          • I missed more on the A & T thing. A is also not a worrier and kind of complacent. T is also perfectionist and more ambitious. 🙂


  5. This was so fun to read! It was nice learning more about you!

    I love that you’re a cheese connoisseur. I freaking love cheese – I’d be happy to eat it the rest of my life. I’d likely be fat and have horrible skin but that’s a small price to pay.

    I was born in Canada and I hate all dressed chips. Ketchup chips on the other hand…. Also 100% agree with you that poutine is amazing.

    Thanks for the nomination – I don’t think I’ve done this one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG we should eat cheese together, forever. 😀 LOL! I do try to limit my cheese intake, and just have smaller amounts of nicer, more flavorful cheese!

      I don’t understand All Dressed chips, at all! Of all the lovely flavors…. ick. I don’t mind ketchup chips, but I don’t go out of my way to eat them. They’re like a novelty to me.

      Hope you’ll do the tag! 🙂


  6. Thank you so much for nominating me in this 🙂 Great post and love the detailed facts….I too am a total chicken with Horror movies and have to look away during trailers! I just cannot watch! Haha!
    Great post xx


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