Sale Alert: ColourPop 3 for $10 Eyeshadows & Free International Shipping

ColourPop is currently offering free international shipping on all orders!

Plus, eyeshadows (Super Shock, Pressed Powder, and Pigments) are 3 for $10! Really they’re 3 for $9.99, because each eyeshadow shows up as $3.33 once you’ve put a multiple of 3 shadows in your cart.

PLUS! Each $20 purchase also earns you a free mini Ultra Satin Liquid Lip (choice of 5 shades), and every additional $10 gets another mini.

There are a few ColourPop shadows (Birthday Boy, Cricket, Lace, Partridge, and So Quiche) in my collection and I love them dearly, so I was way too excited about adding to my collection now that shipping to Canada is free for a limited time.

I placed two orders (hoping to avoid duties with two lower-value packages), each containing 10 eyeshadows. Since the shadows were 3/$9.99, I ended up having to add one extra small purchase—another eyeshadow at $5—to get the order over $30 so I’d get the second bonus lippie.

I didn’t actually plan on ordering a second round, but I took another gander at the site several hours later and noticed that two shadows I’d initially wanted (Bae and Play by Play) came back in stock! So…I ordered again!

My only disappointment was that there didn’t seem to be a free 4-pan eyeshadow palette added for each 4 Pressed Powder Shadows I ordered. Oh well, I guess I didn’t buy new empty palettes for nothing.

Here are the items I ordered (combined). I didn’t go for any pigments since the colors didn’t appeal to me, and they all seem to be marked “not intended for use in the immediate eye area”.

[EDIT 2017-05-07: Um, I placed a third order. Got the fifth free Mini Ultra Satin Liquid Lip in Dopey. I’ve added ColourPop’s color descriptions to all shades, as well.]

Super Shock Shadow:

  • Bae (ultra-glitter)
    rich eggplant purple with blue ultra-glitter
  • Beverly (matte)
    matte depened blackberry
  • Blaze (ultra-glitter)
    coco bronze sprinkled with multi-dimensional ultra-glitter
  • Drift (satin)
    satin true cranberry
  • KathleenLights (satin)
    satin bright golden copper
  • Mittens (matte)
    matte plummy brown
  • Mooning (satin)
    blackened plum with a violet satin sheen
  • Muse (ultra-metallic)
    ultra-metallic rose
  • Porter (ultra-glitter)
    deep warm burgundy with gold multi-dimensional ultra-glitter
  • Sailor (ultra-glitter)
    warm beige with multi-colored ultra-glitter
  • Sequin (ultra-glitter)
    copper penny with multi-dimensional ultra-glitter
  • Weenie (ultra-metallic)
    true ultra-metallic rose gold

fivezero's ColourPop Super Shock Shadow haulage (May 2017)

Pressed Powder Shadow:

  • Ego (metallic)
    metallic rosy taupe
  • High Strung (metallic)
    metallic dusty rose
  • Locked and Loaded (matte)
    matte pale yellow
  • Made to Last (matte)
    matte neutral mauve
  • Pinky Promise (metallic)
    metallic wine
  • Play by Play (metallic)
    duochrome peach with a green gold flip
  • Ringer (metallic)
    metallic warm champagne
  • Sauvage (metallic)
    duochrome peach with a hot pink flip

fivezero's ColourPop Super Shock Shadow haulage (May 2017)

3rd Order:

  • Backseat Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic)
    metallic deepened aquamarine
  • Pebbles Pressed Powder Shadow (satin)
    satin yellowy pink
  • Sideline Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic)
    duochrome eggplant with a green flip
  • Take a Break Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic)
    duochrome peach with a subtle gold flip
  • Up and Up Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic)
    duochrome teal with a green flip
  • Far Side Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)
    deepened bronze undertone sprinkled with lots of gold ultra-glitter and subtle pink and silver highlights
  • I Heart This Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)
    taupe with a silver ultra-glitter sparkle

fivezero's ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow & Super Shock Shadow haulage (May 2017)

Mini Ultra Satin Liquid Lip (free):

  • Dopey (muted pink)
  • Frick n’ Frack (rosy terracotta)
  • London Fog (pinky red)
  • Prim (dark blackened red)
  • Strip (warm beige)

fivezero's ColourPop freebie Mini Ultra Satin Liquid Lip shades (May 2017)

Between this, the tarte deal, the Sephora VIB sale, and some miscellaneous nail polish purchases I’ve made, I think I need to make the next couple months a no-buy zone!

Why are all the great sales happening now?! Whew.

Happy shopping!

16 thoughts on “Sale Alert: ColourPop 3 for $10 Eyeshadows & Free International Shipping

    • I am looking forward to trying the pressed powders! 🙂 I was a little afraid to get too many at once, but in the end they were so cheap and seem to get good reviews. Sales, man!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. LMAO reading this made me laugh with your edit, “placed another order, oops” 😛
    If I wasn’t on the No Buy, I’d be all over this!
    I’ve heard great things about the Ultra Satin formula.

    Liked by 1 person

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