Deciem, It’s Totally OK!

Just this morning I checked on the status of my two Deciem orders from late April, and they were still processing. A quick peek on their Twitter told me that they were waiting on pumps for the newly released Colour Foundations, so there would be a wait of about two weeks.

No biggie to me, as I know they’re a smaller company (and local—I don’t think their headquarters are too far from where I live), and I’m sure they’ve been inundated with orders! (Here’s my first order from earlier, less busy times!)

I kind of wish my non-Colours items would ship, but there’s nothing I ordered that I need right away.

This afternoon, I got an email from Deciem:

Hi ❤️

We are really emotional. We are working really hard. And we feel really helpless. We know you are waiting for your order of Colours. And nothing hurts us more than knowing how difficult it is to be waiting. Everyone seems to be congratulating us on the success of Colours but we are instead so severely disappointed in ourselves that you are still waiting.

We have always manufactured all of our products in house, which almost no one does. This very direction has allowed us to be disruptive in beauty and offer value to you, our amazing customer, follower and supporter. However, this in-house effort is also what has placed us under tremendous pressure to fulfill the extreme volume of orders for Colours when it launched. We started with a waiting list of 25,000 people but ended up with orders for more than 250,000 units in just a week. We are producing Colours around the clock and we are fulfilling orders around the clock. We estimated it would take us 10-15 days to get through these orders but it’s taking a bit longer despite every single one of us placing our heart and soul into what matters the most: your happiness.

We are working very hard. We are shipping thousands of orders daily. Your order will be ready very soon. And in November, we will be moving to a new facility, representing our fourth move in four years. This new facility will increase our capacity by 450% initially and by even more shortly after. It is unacceptable to us for you to wait and we know that we will soon be in a place where we can serve you very promptly, the only way you should be served.

A very helpless but very genuine hug,


I’m so glad they’ve updated their customers on the delay, and hope they’ll be back on track as soon as possible! It’s also very cool that they’ll be moving to a new facility this fall. More Deciem for everybody is a great thing. 😁

7 thoughts on “Deciem, It’s Totally OK!

  1. So great to see a local company do so well. This letter reads so Canadian, haha!
    I’m guessing there’s no point trying to score a bottle of the foundation from one of their physical stores instead?

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    • It probably wouldn’t hurt to check/call one of the stores! At least they might have testers?

      Yes, such a Canadian apology, haha! I do wonder if it might have been better for them to just stop taking orders at some point? But orders for 250,000 foundations—holy moly! 😀


  2. It’s really sweet they would write a letter to apologize for the delay. It’s reassuring to see that they recognize an issue and are reaching out to their customers to address it.

    Such a Canadian thing to do! I give them a pat on the back for being so open and honest!

    Also, I think they are opening a store in the PATH near First Canadian Place. I hope I haven’t confused them with another brand, but the name and logo look really familiar. I’ll have to go there and confirm!

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