fivezero's Annabelle haulage (April 2017)

Haulage! Annabelle (April 2017)

I don’t have a proper Throwback Thursday post for today, but I do have an Annabelle Cosmetics haul, which semi-counts as a retro thing for me!

For those who don’t know, Annabelle is a Canadian drugstore brand owned by Groupe Marcelle, based in Lacine, Québec, Canada. The same company owns:

  • Lise Watier (high end; acquired in 2016, making Groupe Marcelle the largest Canadian beauty company. I wonder if this is why Lise Watier haven’t been running their semi-annual clearance sales!)
  • Marcelle (L’Oréal-priced)
  • Annabelle (Maybelline-priced)
  • CW Beggs & Sons (a men’s skincare line launched in 2015, named for the man who originally founded Marcelle in Chicago in 1874—and here I thought Marcelle had always been Canadian! It turns out Marcelle entered the Canadian market in 1949, and became a Canadian company in 1973.)

Back in the olden days (though not so far back as 1973, ha!), I owned an Annabelle powder blush (very nice) and a couple of Annabelle eyeshadow singles. Gleam was one, a shimmery vanilla, and I think there was maybe a lavender, too. They were so nice for Canadian-made drugstore products, and depotted, they would fit into MAC palettes, as well.

I should dig up the blush and shadows to show you, but for now, I present my latest Annabelle haul! It’s a two-part haul, as I bought the mascara from Shoppers Drug Mart and the eyeshadows directly from Annabelle’s official site, when they ran a great deal at Easter: 40% off all eye makeup!

All prices are in CA$.

  • Big Show Waterproof Mascara in Black [$3.99 / reg. $9.95]
  • Eyeshadow Single in Brown Frost (Satin) [$3.57 / reg. $5.95]
  • Eyeshadow Single in Germanium (Chrome) [$5.37 / reg. $8.95]
  • Eyeshadow Single in Mulberry (Satin) [$3.57 / reg. $5.95]
  • Eyeshadow Single in Over the Taupe (Metallic) [$3.57 / reg. $5.95]
  • Eyeshadow Single in Rose Gold (Chrome)[$5.37 / reg. $8.95]
  • Skinny Palette in Summer Purple [$5.97 / reg. $9.95]

I tracked down the Big Show Waterproof Mascara (my nearby Shopper Drug Mart locations didn’t carry the waterproof Annabelle mascaras), thanks to a glowing review from Jodi (A Brash Attitude). I also have stick straight lashes, so I’m really looking forward to trying it! I got it on sale for CA$3.99.

Annabelle Big Show Waterproof Mascara in Black

When Annabelle ran the aforementioned 40% off sale, I placed an order with them for the first time. They also offer free shipping with CA$40+ orders. My order went really smoothly, and everything arrived in good time and very neatly packed! A+, would order again!

Annabelle Haulage (April 2017) packaging

Here’s the palette, which they just released this spring:

Annabelle Skinny Palette in Summer Purple

Slightly annoyingly, the case flips opens from the side:

Annabelle Skinny Palette in Summer Purple

Here are the eyeshadow singles. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Satin and Metallic shades I chose are old enough to qualify for Throwback Thursday!

The Chrome Eyeshadows, however, are new for Spring 2017. I wish they came in flip-top cases like the other shadows do. However, I think I’ll just depot all of these and stick them into a MAC palette.

Annabelle Eyeshadow Singles in Over the Taupe, Brown Frost, Mulberry, Germanium, Rose Gold

Have you tried Annabelle makeup?


15 thoughts on “Haulage! Annabelle (April 2017)

  1. I don’t know if “The Big Show” mascara is different from “Le Big Show” mascara… I the latter and recalled that it was quite clumpy BUT if combed out with a lash comb, it wore nicely and did not smudge.

    I’ve ordered off Annabelle before, they’re great! I’m a big fan of both their blushes and eye shadows. Haven’t tried the new palettes because I saw they’re made in China whereas the singles are made in Canada. Annabelle used to sell eye shadow refills and empty palettes like MAC does but they phased them out. I hope they bring them back one day. Annabelle’s pencil products are also great – eye liners, eye shadow pencil, lip liners – all worth checking out.

    Congrats on your 1k post! Throws confetti!


  2. I don’t own any Anabelle products. Are they worth it? I see them in drugstores but I never hear anything about them, likely because they are a Canadian brand. Any particular favourites you can suggest?


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